Your Favorite Posts From 2013

I recently posed this question on Twitter, and some of you took the time to reply, so I wanted to share some of your responses here.

While most of my friends on twitter are in technology in some way, not all of them are – and not all of them blog about technology. Some tech folks, like @funkatron, blog about mental health issues and empathy. Others blog about gaming, gender issues, science, you name it.

The range of experience and expertise found among the people I interact with on twitter is really pretty amazing and I’m grateful for all of you every day. (Yes, even *you*.) Knowing what you’re most proud of gives me insight about you, and hopefully makes you reflect on your own work and remember something great you did.

Some of them are informative, some are touching, some give me weird feeling I can’t explain very well. I’ll be updating this page as more responses come in. I hope you enjoy these – I did.

(Extra points for having an interrobang in your twitter name, sir.)

It was also interesting how many people only then realized how they didn’t publish as much as they meant to.

So yeah – you guys should get on that. 🙂 I’m also guilty of not publishing as much as I’d like – I’ve had two posts brewing for a while, one on impostor syndrome and being a generalist, and one on being a CTO. Maybe over the holiday break 🙂

PS – this one is the one I’m most proud of.

Now enough with the feels. Back to your regularly scheduled asshattery.