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I’ve had the privilege of speaking across the country (and overseas) at technical conferences such as MacIT/MacWorld in San Francisco, dotScale in Paris, ignite talks at Foo Camp in Sebastapol, Lonestar PHP in Texas, DomCode in Utrecht, and many others.

I typically speak on topics such as IT security and web application security. (Please don’t ask me to speak about women in tech. It’s not something I’m interested in.)

You can check out my dotScale talk from Paris in 2014 below. (Seriously, that is the least flattering preview image they could have picked.)

And more recently, Laracon Online in 2020:

If you’re interested in having me speak at your next conference, drop me a line at

Please note that I can only accept speaking invitations to conferences that provide travel and lodging expenses. It’s nothing personal, but running a startup means tightening the belt a little.

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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