Sexy Newsfeed Reading on iOS with Flipboard


Named Apple’s iPad App of the year and one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations, Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends and much more.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can flip through your newsfeeds and timelines from Google Reader, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr and 500px on Flipboard.

What’s nice about Flipboard is that it offers a link-reading experience that is already tailored to you, and what you’re interested in. Links from the people you follow on Twitter and Facebook are converted into attractive thumbnail squares, giving you a visual menu of links and news to pick from.

The interface is dead-sexy, and very… well.. flippy. If you don’t follow a gazillion people on Twitter, Flipboard can be a way to more easily digest links that you might have overlooked in the rest of the chatter that Twitter provides.

My personal preference in newsreaders/linkreaders is Zite, but Flipboard is still a favorite. And it’s free!

Flipboard is a universal app, so it works on iPhone and iPad. Get it now!

  • Just testing this out (btw your blog looks terrif) … I’m having problems setting up the fb login through disqus.. still searching for the option. Don’t mind me browsing. ha! I’m coming back to visit & adding your blog onto my site. Great stuff!