Use your iPad or iPhone as a Keynote Remote

Keynote Remote lets you control a Keynote presentation on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch from another iPhone or iPod touch in the room. While you present, view your current slide and presenter notes in portrait, or the current slide and next slide in landscape.

Swipe forward to advance and swipe back to return to the previous slide. Keynote Remote works with your Wi-Fi network, so you can control your presentation from anywhere in the room. Keynote Remote can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when connecting to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Coupled with an Apple HDMI adapter, you could plug your iPad or laptop into the display monitor for the presentation, then use your iPhone to control it if you wanted to walk around the room while you talk.

At a meager $0.99, it’s much cheaper than buying an actual physical remote, and you have the convenience of having it with you at all time. No more scrambling to find your presenter remote in your suitcase and then realizing you left it on your desk at home.

  • Used this with a presentation I gave late last year. Worked great. I love how seamlessly Apple products interact with each other most times.

    • I love not having to remember to bring one more piece of hardware with me. I’m such a mess before I present (and before I fly out to present, when I have to travel for it). One less thing to worry about is great for me.