Read & Manage Google Docs From Your iOS Device


GoDocs by Lightroom Apps allows you to read and edit Google Docs (now called Google Drive) from your iOS device.

The interface is simple and elegant, and was actually more enjoyable to use than the Google Docs web interface, although that may have changed since Google updated their Drive website to be more mobile-friendly.

Also very important, it supports multiple Google Docs accounts, so your work account and your personal accounts can live in harmony.


  • Multiple account support
  • Download option to view documents offline
  • Nice outline of revision history
  • Ability to open the document in other apps on your device
  • Ability to edit documents
  • Universal app


  • Doesn’t handle editing with multiple accounts as well as it could. if you switch between editing Google Docs from multiple accounts, you may have to login again.
  • Occasionally crashes when an account is first selected from the list. When you relaunch, all is well though.
  • A little expensive at $4.99 now that Google Docs is much less awful on the iPad.

Image credit: App Shopper