How to Make the Internet


In season 3, episode 4 of The IT Crowd (a nerdy britcom that chronicles the story of two basement-dwelling IT geeks), our lovable geeks “help” their boss by letting her borrow The Internet for her Employee of the Month speech.

The Internet is black box with a blinking red light on top that Roy and Moss have given Jen, who knows absolutely nothing about computers, in the hopes of embarrassing her in front of her peers during her speech.


Naturally, as happens too often in real-life, the rest of her peers are complete knobs and have no idea what the Internet is either, so they are quite impressed by The Internet, and Roy and Moss are hoist by their own petard. (I’m not doing this episode justice at all. The only thing worse than trying to summarize a British comedy in text is an American trying to summarize a British comedy in text.)

If you haven’t seen IT Crowd, you’re missing the best Britcom out there. Go ahead and add the series on Netflix Instant Queue now. We’ll wait.

Now, thanks to Instructables user Melty McFace, you can build your own The Internet and let your own inter-office mayhem ensue.

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