The interface on this app is so gorgeous, you’ll want to play with it even if you have no stock portfolio. It demonstrates how innovative design and UI can simplify the representation of large amounts of data in a way that is exceptionally clear.

One quote on their website says it best: “StockTouch tells you more in five seconds than you would learn reading financial news all day.”

That’s not to say it’s overly simple. Through an incredibly intuitive interface, users can drill down into detailed records of their selected stocks in seconds.


At the very least, you should check it out to see an example of brilliant interface at work. Check out the promo video:

Intro to StockTouch from stevied on Vimeo.

It costs $4.99 in the iTunes store. (Sorry, no Android/webOS versions yet.)

Note: they do lean on red/green a lot, so it may not be a good match for users with red/green color-blindness.

Get it from iTunes for $4.99 now or visit the Stocktouch website.



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