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Alternating Row Colors in PHP/mySQL


Using alternating row colors in a PHP database application is a nice way to give the user some visual differentiation between multiple rows of results – and the best part is that it’s so damn easy.  I’m going to assume that you’re using CSS for formatting, but if you are still using HTML to set attributed like background colors in your database results out table (gasp!)...

PHP/mySQL Breadcrumb Trail


This lets you automatically create a breadcrumb trail navigation through PHP and mySQL, that would look something like:

Home >> Parrots >> Red Parrots

This type of dynamic breadcrumb trail is only possible when you are storing the menu items (or categories) in a table, that contains at least a name, a category id number and a parent category id number.

Pollo, Bentley, Pollo!


So I was in Boomerangs, my local skeevy dive-bar of choice, talking to my buddy Dave (aka “Monster”. Dave is the owner of the small, fuzzy dog that I posted the photos of and then got so many gooey emails about that I needed an insulin shot just to finish reading them. Now, typical of my area here in CA, Dave is a very funny, intelligent guy who never seems to have to work and...

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