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PHP/mySQL Breadcrumb Trail


This lets you automatically create a breadcrumb trail navigation through PHP and mySQL, that would look something like:

Home >> Parrots >> Red Parrots

This type of dynamic breadcrumb trail is only possible when you are storing the menu items (or categories) in a table, that contains at least a name, a category id number and a parent category id number.

Pollo, Bentley, Pollo!


So I was in Boomerangs, my local skeevy dive-bar of choice, talking to my buddy Dave (aka “Monster”. Dave is the owner of the small, fuzzy dog that I posted the photos of and then got so many gooey emails about that I needed an insulin shot just to finish reading them. Now, typical of my area here in CA, Dave is a very funny, intelligent guy who never seems to have to work and...

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