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How I Quit Smoking with Personal Vaporizers


I’ve been a smoker for 20 years. My mom has smoked since she was 16, and her mother smoked since god knows when before she died of smoking-related health problems. My mother is currently headed down the same path, with a brain aneurism and massive circulatory problems in no small part due to her smoking for over 40 years.

Needless to say, it was time for me to quit smoking.

I’ve tried other things before and had the most success with Chantix, which actually worked pretty well for a while, and I got crazy-vivid dreams to boot. I’d quit for a few months, and then something would happen to spike my stress levels up, and I went back to doing what I always did – smoking about a pack a day of Newport Lights.

I think everyone understands that smoking is bad for you – but it’s also expensive as hell in NYC (~$13 a pack) and incredibly inconvenient (since you can’t smoke anywhere legally anymore).

I’m not here to lecture anyone that should quit smoking. That’s a decision you’ll have to come to on your own, and I’m not going to be one of those dicks who used to smoke cigarettes and now makes people who still smoke feel like douchebags. Quitting is fucking hard. Harder for some than for others, but it’s still not up to me to decide whether what you choose to do with your life is good or bad.

What I would like to do here is share with you my experiences on PVs, or personal vaporizers, sometimes misleadingly called “e-cigarettes”. It’s misleading because you’re not actually inhaling smoke, you’re inhaling vapor. In fact, other than the nicotine itself and that there is inhaling involved, there is absolutely nothing about PVs that even remotely resembles smoking cigarettes.

I’d also like to make some recommendations for inexpensive, low-maintenance starter-kits to lower the barrier to entry if it’s something you want to try, based off of my personal, unbiased experiences.

This article isn’t meant to be a comprehensive piece on all PVs. There are several I haven’t tried, and I don’t claim to be an authority on all of the different available models. I’m just trying to give you the head start I wish I had when I started.

A Google search of “e-cigarettes”, “vaping” or “personal vaporizers” can be pretty daunting, as there is a whole hobby industry around folks who enjoy modifying their kits to the point where they wrap their own coils and spend countless hours discussing PG/VG levels and showing off their latest builds.

I don’t want any of that shit. 

What I wanted was to find a cheap, easy, low maintenance PV that would feel as much like smoking as possible but didn’t require my to weave my own freaking wicks out of the finest Egyptian cotton, hand-raised by forest nymphs and lovingly picked by virgins. Seriously. Screw that.  I just wanted something that worked. 

I also wanted something sturdy – something I wasn’t going to have to fiddle with to keep it working.

What I ended up with (after some trial and error) is a small collection of inexpensive, reliable PVs that require almost no maintenance at all.

Quick note: I will be linking to specific vendors in some places throughout this post, simply because that’s where I got my stuff. If you can find it elsewhere for cheaper, by all means please do – just be cautious of counterfeits of lesser quality. I’m not getting kickbacks from the companies I’m linking to, I’m just trying to make it easier for you to get started.

Some Basics

I’d hope that you’ve done a little research on this already, but as I mentioned, trying to get a straightforward answer aimed at newbies can be challenging, with all the hobbyist info out there.

From Wikipedia:

Most electronic cigarettes take an overall cylindrical shape although a wide array of shapes can be found: box, pipe styles etc. Many are made to look like tobacco cigarettes. Common components include a liquid delivery and container system, an atomizer, and a power source. Many electronic cigarettes are composed of streamlined replaceable parts, while disposable devices combine all components into a single part that is discarded when its liquid is depleted.

For the types of units I’ll be referring to here, I’m talking about refillable, not disposable. The disposable ones are mostly shit (for reasons I get into a little further down).

This means that you’ll have a unit roughly the size of a magic marker, that’s made up of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer or heating coil, and a refillable reservoir for the liquid.

There are lots of great FAQs out there (which you absolutely should read – this one from MyVapeSupplies is great), but many of them miss the questions of what to actually expect when using one of these things.

You’ll be replacing the heating coil about once a week, although I’ve gotten two or more weeks from them sometimes. You’ll know when it’s time to replace the coil when you hear gurgling when you pull from the PV, or when you’re pulling harder than you normally have to and you know your battery is charged.

You’ll be refilling the liquid about once a day, possibly slightly more or less, depending on how much you use it, and how big the reservoir is. I typically have to fill mine once every day and a half.

It sounds like a pain, but it honestly takes less than 30 seconds to swap a coil, and less than 20 seconds to fill the tank. It’s insanely easy.

You’ll quickly learn to pay attention to how much liquid you use, and will make it a habit to stay on top of keeping it filled. You never want to pull from an empty reservoir. Ever.

If you start to notice a burning taste when you pull from your PV, check your liquid level. If you completely drain it and take a pull, it will taste like a trash can full of burning dog testicles. Seriously, it’s nasty.  At that point, you’re smoking wick, and it’s not something you ever want to taste.

That said, it may happen occasionally. It still happens to me sometimes, and it’s gross, but it will become second nature for you to check and make sure you’ve got liquid in there. If you fill your reservoir after burning a wick, it may still taste funny, so you may need to swap the coil afterwards.

Again, it sounds a lot higher maintenance than it really is. This all becomes easy once you get used to it.

You can choose what amount of nicotine you want in your e-juice. Every e-juice manufacturer sells them in a variety of nicotine levels (including 0mg, for those that just love the taste). If you smoke a pack a day, you’ll probably want to start with 18mg or 24mg. I started with 24mg, but with my latest rig, I’ll be dropping down lower since I’m getting more vapor in each pull out of the kit I have now.

My goal is to keep reducing the mg of nicotine over time, which is what many vapers do. Many get down to low or 0mg (after having smoked at least a pack a day for decades), and either stop vaping, or continue to do it recreationally without the nicotine.

The nice thing is that just about every e-juice manufacturer offers sample sizes that usually run around $2-$3 a bottle, so you can try a few things out and see what works for you.

You may find yourself more thirsty than usual. This is completely normal. Just drink more water (which is kinda good advice in general anyway), and remember that the other things you drink (alcohol, caffeine, etc) can also contribute to dehydration. Many people report that the unusual thirstiness goes away after a few months, but either way, drink more water – it’s good for you!

The Throat Hit

I can’t go much further without talking about that sort of tingly feeling you get in the back of your throat when smoking an “analog” cigarette. Throat hit is SO important in vaping, and if you’ve tried the drug-store style e-cigs (like Blu, eJoy, etc), you’ll understand why.

Vaping to quit smoking is only going to work if what you replace it with is satisfying. If you’ve tried the drug-store brand and went back to analogs shortly after, chances are the reason is that the throat hit just wasn’t enough.

A good rule of thumb is that if it looks like a tobacco cigarette, it’s probably not worth buying. None of those style PVs will give you enough of a throat hit to leave you satisfied, and you’ll likely be back smoking analogs at some point soon. They’re good in a pinch, if your PV battery dies or you run out of e-liquid for it – or at least better than caving and buying a pack of analogs, but for most people, they’re not going to be great for long-term quitting. You have to drag too hard, and the throat hit just isn’t adequate.

I made this mistake when I started, and thought that vaping wasn’t for me, because my experience with the drug-store brands was so lackluster.

The Gear

I started with the Katana Kit III Kanger Evod Single Kit from VapeDojo. It’s low-maintenance, cheap ($14), and incredibly easy to use. That kit is often sold out on their website, but you can have them notify you when it’s back in stock, or you can get the larger kit for $35. The larger kit is the same thing, it just comes with an extra battery, extra coils (which you need to buy anyway), and an extra reservoir.

If you get the $14 kit that doesn’t come with a spare pack of coils, you’ll want to pick some of those up for $8.

They also sell sampler e-juice packs for around $11-13, but you may just want to pick up a singleton or two of their sample size. Most of their 15ml sample sizes (which can usually get me through 1-2 weeks) cost around $3-$5.

And that’s actually all you need to give it a try with a decent PV that actually gives you a chance at quitting smoking.

If you decide you like vaping, you can upgrade different parts of it depending on what you’re looking for, and still not have to mess with anything too much. A larger battery will usually mean a longer charge, a bigger tank means fewer refills, etc.

Right now I’m using a Kangar Protank 3 and an Innokin itaste vv (variable voltage) battery and I’m really happy with it. My boyfriend is using a Vapeonly CE5 BDC clearomizer (in purple, ‘cuz he’s fancy like that) with a standard eGo battery and he’s loving it.

We also tried the Kangar S1, which is smaller and lighter with a squared profile (so it doesn’t roll off the table – WHY IN GOD’S NAME ARE THEY NOT ALL SQUARE??) He liked it well enough, but I was having to fiddle with it too much in order to get it to work consistently, so in general, I wouldn’t recommend it. I loved the features (inset battery, squareness, and overall lightness), but I had to mess with it too much.


It’s hard to write about e-juice in a useful way, since my tastes are likely different than your tastes. I tend to like creamy flavors like caramel and butterscotch, but lots of people prefer flavors with more menthol, mint, or fruit.

BUT – I have a spreadsheet. (Of course I have a spreadsheet.) We’ve not even come close to exploring all of the flavors out there, but we’ll be adding our comments and ratings to the stuff we try. My current obsessions are Salted Caramel (SO good) and Gingerbread (seasonal) from Artisan Vapors. I also love Berries and Cream, Boston Cream PieVanilla Custard and Butterscotch from VapeDojo. All of the yum without the calories of the real thing.

My best advice when choosing e-juice is to research the company first, and always read the reviews. There’s currently no regulation on the manufacturers of e-juice and what they put into them, but the vaping community tends to be pretty self-policing so far. Check with the community to make sure your distributors are trustworthy. (There is currently a movement promoting responsible self-regulation – check out AEMSA for more info.)

E-juice is usually clear, but can sometimes be slightly pink or brown based on the ingredients that were steeped to give it its flavor. In general, steer clear of opaque or weirdly colored juices, or at least ask the manufacturer what gives it that color. (I won’t use anything opaque or that I know has artificial coloring.)

Side note: I was going to build a web app for folks to be able to submit their own e-juice ratings, find similar flavors, etc – but it seems someone else beat me to it. Check out JuiceDB for ratings and reviews!


I am not a doctor, and none of this is meant to be medical advice. This is just my experience. I can say that since cutting down and eventually eliminating analog cigarettes, I can breathe better and have lost the subtle smoker’s cough that I hadn’t even realized I had developed. My skin and clothes smell better too, which is a bonus, especially since my sense of smell has come back. (My hands now usually smell just faintly of salted caramel, which is my current favorite e-juice flavor – not a bad thing!)


While money wasn’t a primary motivator for me to switch to PVs, in NYC I was spending $13 a day on cigarettes. That’s $91/week,  $364/month, or over $4k/year.

Let’s say you started off with the kit I suggested above, and used it for an entire year, replacing the coils every week. A 5-pack of coils costs $8, putting them at $1.60 a coil. E-juice costs about $4 for a week’s supply (and that’s assuming heavy use, more expensive juice and no savings for buying bigger containers than the 15ml sample size),

That’s a $14 (kit), plus $83 in coils and $208 in juice for the entire year – which comes to $300 annually. Obviously, if you decide you like vaping and want to make the switch, you’ll want to pick up a few extra batteries and some other things you’ll want spares of, but overall, you just can’t even compare the math.

How to Quit

How you quit is up to you. Some people claim (erroneously) that the only way to completely transition from analogs to PVs is to stop smoking analogs altogether. In the same way that people that have quit smoking traditionally all have different stories (cold turkey, medication, patches, gum, etc), figure out what works for you.

For some people, it’s going to be a mix of analogs and PV, until the analogs don’t taste good anymore. Other people have flipped a switch and converted. Whatever works for you is the right way to do it.

And if you happen to be into infosec and want to learn more about vaping mods, you should check out the SteamSec: Infosec Blowhards group on Facebook. They’re great. 🙂

About the author


I’m a tech geek/dev/infosec-nerd/scuba diver/blacksmith/sword-fighter/crime fighter/ENTP/warcrafter/activist. I run Grokability, Inc, and run several open source projects, including Snipe-IT Asset Management. Tweet at me @snipeyhead or read more

  • AmyStephen

    Good for you, Snipe. I smoked for many years, too. Quit about 10 years ago. It was the single hardest thing I ever did and the one thing I am most proud I was able to do for myself.

    Like you, I don’t lecture smokers of the importance of quitting. They know. Cigarettes end up being woven into every part of our lives — I was surprised over the first year at how dependent I had become. Learning to deal with stress was my biggest challenge (exercise helps.)

    It’s great you shared these ideas I am certain some will find helpful. I ended up setting a date that I would quit cold turkey — with the caveat it wasn’t “forever.” At first, I promised myself that I would quit for a day and then decide again. After a day, I decided to finish the week. Then, the month. Each time, I allowed myself to decide and I extended the period of time I would commit to quitting and eventually, it had been a month, then two months, six months, and a year.

    I would encourage people to just not quit trying to quit. Eventually, something will work and you’ll be free.

    • Linda

      Thanks everyone. I’m new to the vapor pen and really want it to be the miracle I have been waiting for. Send up good thoughts and prayers for me please, I will do the same for you all!


      • Tim

        Brilliant article. I’ve been vaping exclusively now for four months after 35 years of a pack (at least) a day. For me, it was a clean switch with a little help from the shock of having to take a rest while walking up a fairly gradual incline – scary! I’m using a German patented Korean unit, sold here in Italy under the name “Just Fog”. I get the juice locally. I find 18mg is perfect for me. I still like the tobacco flavours.
        Thanks again, on behalf of everyone who’s going to be inspired by this article.
        Tim, Italy

  • I also quit smoking using vaporizers . I could not believe how easy it was. Im not going to lie I tried this same method a few years ago however vaporizers have come a long way since then. Although I personally like the tobacco flavours, there are so many different flavours it blows my mind.

  • Mamakat Taylor

    first; you rock. thanks for doing the research AND sharing it!!
    second; what flavors would you recommend for someone who wants to quit smoking but doesn’t want to be addicted to vaping? I looked at all the e-juice info and one of the sites you suggest have a lot of flavors but don’t mention what they actually taste like. the names are super cool but I don’t want to get something nasty just b/c it sounds cool.

    • Mamakat Taylor

      going to order the deluxe kit you suggested asap.

      • Please do let me know how you like it. I can’t imagine going back to cigarettes at this point. They taste foul to me now.

        • Martin Steed

          Amen to this! A few days after I started vaping (about 2 months ago), I wondered if I used the PV any differently to a cigarette – I couldnt remember how many drags a cig used to last – so I bought a 10 pack. Lit one. Took one drag. Stubbed it out, threw the rest away. Loving the vanilla custards and fruity flavours now =)

    • @mamakattaylor:disqus – Well, you won’t get addicted to vaping. The addition is to nicotine, so while you won’t be taking in all of the horrible shit in cigarettes, you’re still taking in nicotine (which is why you don’t go bananas with nic-fits. There are no nic-fits because you’re still getting the nicotine you’re addicted to, just via a different delivery method.)

      I personally like the candy-type flavors like caramel, toffee, etc, but everyone’s tastes are different. My BF likes fruitier flavors, for example. A sampler pack is always a good idea, since it lets you experiment to find what you like. Even better, if there are any vape shops near you (which there may not be, given where you live), many will let you try a bunch of flavors.

  • Tam Redmond

    Just started vaping three days ago. After smoking over twenty years. I’ve smoked about nine cigaretts in three days , and I was a two pack a day smoker. I’m currently using the black tea liquid which is nice. Probably going to try the coffee next. 18mg is what I started with, hope to slowly move down to zero.

    • Congrats! That’s really great!

      • Tam Redmond

        Thanks !! Can’t wait to breathe again!!

        • Hi Tam,

          Any updates on your progress with vaping? Would love an update 🙂

  • Allen

    Its great if you will quit smoking with the help of vaping……..

  • Mel-Z

    This is the best article I’ve read!! Thanks for the “no-nonsense” approach. I needed that!!

  • Tony

    Brilliant article! The Egyptian cotton/virgins line is absolutely fantastic! That is exactly how I feel, way too much faffing around.

    Also very good point about being a vaper and demonizing smokers, no need for any of that shit at all, yet quite a few vapers do it. DON’T, you plebs.

  • Maureen Douglas

    Thank you, thank you , thank you!!! I’m just heading out today to move into the vapor world after smoking for 25 years. This was the simple no nonsense info I was looking for!

    • Hi Maureen,

      How did it go? Would love an update on your progress!

  • Steph

    Thanks so much for the article. I quit smoking for a year and started back because of stress. This sounds like a much easier way to quit than cold turkey! It’s been incredibly hard, but I’ve hidden the fact I’m smoking again (lots of mouthwash and changing clothes!) After vaping, will I smell like I’ve just smoked or will my mouth taste like cigarettes?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Steph,

      No, if you’re not smoking cigarettes, you won’t smell like cigarettes. There is no tobacco in personal vaporizers, so nothing there to make you smell like smoke.

      • Steph

        Thanks again….can’t wait to try the salted caramel!

        • Check back in in a month and let me know how it’s going. I’m always glad to hear awesome success stories!

        • Hi Steph,

          Just curious to see how your progress has been. Any updates on the PVs for you?

  • Sandy MacGregor

    Nice article – one question what is the unit in the cover picture?

    • I’m not sure which clearomizer is in the pic, but that looks like a standard eGO battery. Since writing this, I’ve upgraded to a Nautilus clearo and a Vapor Shark battery.

      • Sandy MacGregor


  • Tee

    Nice article . Very informative. Down to earth. I smoked a pack a day for the last 30 years. Last week ( 1 week today!!! Yes 🙂 I smoked my last cig at 2 pm. Walked into a vape shop, got educated on the vaping (important), walked out 100 bucks poorer but I guess what?!! I cannot put a price on the fact that I will wake up everyday healthier & not worry about being that person sporting an oxygen tank. Most importantly, it’s nothing short of “selfishness” to smoke when you have a kid. I lost my mom at 11 because of just that. Not good. I spent 100 bucks because I made an investment in the best gear because I knew I didn’t want “crap”, have it break when I was on my roll.

  • JL Mclovin

    Very well said! I will share with my mom. She is trying to quit smoking and I think this is a good one to show here. I got her a MVP 2.0 protank 3 and premium e-liquid. Why start cheap you know it?

  • Julie Miller

    I got on this site by searching for Other people’s input. I thought I was doing well, until tonight when a confrontation at home threw me over the edge. I began questioning my attitude and sensitivity thinking its a withdrawal symptom. I still am not sure, but some of what I’m reading is helping. Luckily, the Halo Tangerines are really good right now, and I’ve just purchased my 3 rd 5# bag in the past few weeks. I grab 4 of them and take the, with me each day when I head out to work. Might kill the Sweet attacks, and makes my fingers lose the smokers smell for this Weak moments. Started vaping a week ago Tuesday night. Have cut back on cigarettes a lot. Going to continue to cut down, hoping for a NO NICOTINE LIFE SOON. I really want to be able to take up running again. Yes, I’m considered old to some, 53, but, im not dead yet, so Why Can’t I go for it??

  • Heather

    This information is exactly whati I was looking for. I want to quit smoking and I found that “ecigs” just don’t cut it. I am 40 years old and have been smoking since I was 16. With that said I totally overwhelmed by all of the options for Vapor kits. I do not want to spend a lot of money only to determine it doesn’t work for me. The links in the article for the first Vaporizer you used are either no longer working or do ‘t appear to be for the product you mentioned. I know the original post was almost a year ago so that is likely the reason. Would you happen to have a suggestion for an inexpensive kit that is on the market now? Thank you!

  • Suzanne Stavely

    I have smoked approx. a pack and 1/2 of cigarettes for over 40 years and smoking was incredibly enjoyable for me so I really had no intentions of quitting. My son and his wife bought me a vaporizer about a month ago with a couple small bottles of juices so I of course decided to at least try to cut down on cigarettes by using it. After all they spent their hard earned money on me so no way was I going to not even try the vaporizer. The first couple of days I used the vaporizer it made me cough a bit after each hit until I learned how to suck on it correctly. My son advised me to just slowly inhale kind of like sucking on a straw and trying to keep the liquid only half way up the straw as you suck. I was sucking too hard and fast until he told me this. So, I began taking slow yet longer drags off the vaporizer and got the great throat hit that I was needing. It was amazing to me really because over my 40 plus years of smoking cigarettes, I had tried many times to quit, including using the e-cig that looks like a cigarette and glows at the tip when you inhale. Those did not work or even come close to feeling like I was actually smoking. So that I tossed away fairly quickly. However, this vaporizer gave me a pleasing throat hit and nice vapor when exhaling. It took only 3 days for me to realize, hey, this is great. I have not touched a cigarette since and only because using the vaporizer is better than a cigarette! I love the tobacco flavors that I use my favorite being English Tobacco. It has a rich tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness that is just so relaxing. All I can say is I quit smoking and never even intended to lol. I used to wheeze a lot when I went to bed at night from smoking but that is completely gone now. It’s wonderful to be able to breath so freely after all these years! It happened quickly too. Just amazing. Grab you a starter kit like the one recommended in the article above and give it a try. I enjoy it so much that even when my nicotine level gets down to zero, I will continue vaping!

    • Suzanne Stavely

      It’s now been 2 years and I still have not smoked. Needless to say, I never will again!

  • Roddy

    I’m 5 days in and it’s the best!

    I haven’t gone this long in about year, when I tried ecigs, which I got to 9 days but my throat started to feel weird and I seriously started craving cigarettes. 🙁

    With my vp, I don’t really think about cigarettes. It sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. And I smoked Newport shorts menthol for 7 years.

    Try it. My goal is 21 days and then FOREVER! LOL

    • truth be known

      Hi. Just started vapeing, smoked Newport for a while. Im a day in and boy im coughing bad, lots of crap coming up. Is this normal?

      • If you were a heavy smoker, that’s pretty normal. Your lungs are trying to loosen and purge all of the crap from smoking (tar, etc) that’s been stuck in there for a while. It should definitely get better over the next week or two.

        • truth be known

          Thanks for the advice!

  • Brian M

    I smoked Newports for 15 years and then went the much cheaper route and started rolling my own cigarettes for about 5 years. I wanted to quit so I bought a cig20 kit and that did nothing for me as the article states. I kept hearing a commercial on the radio about a Vape store in my area and I thought I would give it a try. I bought a cheap Vape stick and they let me try any juice flavor I wanted. I decided to go with a menthol tobacco flavor. After a couple days the Vape stick was doing nothing for me but I was determined not to give up. I went back and bought a 30 watt istick by eleaf and a nautilus aspire tank for about $60. Best decision I made! I started off at a 17 nicotine level and am now down to 6! I have not touched or desired a cigarette in 3 months. My goal is to get to 0 nicotine and then stop vaping all together. Life is so much better without tobacco!!!


    I quit smokes with vaping too. Great post. Very comprehensive.

  • This is a really good post and I’m so glad I found it. Six days ago I had my last old fashioned cigarette. I’d been smoking for 10 years (since I was 17) and I had gotten a setup from one of my local stores (there are so many here) and before I officially quit I was on and off using it but the damn metal tube that you inhale from burned my lips (forgive me for not knowing the technical term for that). A friend sent me one with a plastic tip and I started using it more then I ran out of cigarettes and I was freaking out. But I’ve held my ground and not being able to afford them helps (albeit they’re far cheaper here at about $5 a pack). A friend of mine does the whole building his own kit and all of that, I feel that I’m fine with what I have though, no need to be able to blow giant clouds of vape lol. Though I’m sure it would be better if I could pull more at once and save my battery.

  • Brent Osborne

    This article was great. I recently Moved to Virginia and not that cigarette prices were unreasonable I have asthma and was forced to make a decision. I have been smoking for almost 10 years and been wanting to quit forever but everyone around me smoked which is even more difficult. Well needless to say my sister has like 1000 dollars in different mods and e juices and as I was hesitant to give up one for another I tried it. At first I used 6mg nicotine (day 1) and was thinking to myself later that night… I want to quit smoking and ultimately have nicotine out of my body for good! I was proud that I gave up the newports but still felt guilty I had nicotine coming in from the vape box. Well anyway I put in a different kind of e juice that has 0 and somehow I don’t feel any nic fits really. I believe its all in your mind and routine. Everyones life is different obviously but I try to live a stress free life and just inhaling the fake smoke does it for me. You just got to stay positive don’t give in, don’t make excuses for yourself and keep pushing. You will enjoy breathing much better I assure you and the smell/taste of food will make you go bananas ! Love vaping it saved brents life =) good luck everyone!

  • Big H

    Finally made the decision to attempt to quit again. Tried once before cold turkey, lasted only a week and was back at it. Tried the e cig packs they sell at the gas stations that light up; it was absolutely shitty. And it left my throat feeling even more shitty. Tried the nicorette gum; didn’t work either. I’ve been smoking now for 12 years, just turned 30 3months ago and enough is enough. I’m tired of the fear, the dependance and I’m definitely tired of the arguments with my girl over it. This article has given me hope that I’ve not had in a while, and the comments here are inspiring that it can be done. I’m a Newport 100 smoker and I was able to cut down from a pack a day to a pack every two days. But no more progress beyond that for the last 7 months.Any suggestions on what e-juices and what mg of nicotine strength may be closest to that flavor or satisfy those levels of nicotine urges? Thanks! And thanks again Snipe for giving people hope that quitting is possible!

    Big H

  • Hi Big H – If you’re a heavy smoker (pack or more a day) I’d suggest starting with 24mg of nicotine. Nice thing is that you can’t really overdo it. If you’re vaping too much as too high of a mg, you’ll actually start to get a little nauseated.

    I can’t really recommend flavors, since everyone’s taste is really different. I like creamy, dessert flavors, my fiancé likes fruity menthol flavors. I hate his flavors.

    But what you do want to do is start with small bottles first, so you can find something you like. Also, look for a local vape shop, where you can actually try out some flavors there, to find something you really dig. But I wouldn’t go lower than 24mg to start with if you smoke regularly. You can always taper down later. Me and my fiancé are on 6mg now, down rom 24mg when we started. But you need to have enough mg of nicotine to make sure you don’t want/need to smoke analogs. Break that habit, and then you can adjust your dosage over time.

  • GL

    Just starting out gent at the shop down the street suggested a midgrade Tesla pen adjustable voltage. It’s a touch more expensive than the basic starter kits but I don’t want to toss it because it isn’t enough nor do I want to upgrade in a week so this works for me. I’m using 24mg coffee flavor Fingers crossed that after almost 40 years I can dump the habit like I did when I stopped using Meth 15 years ago walk away never look back.

  • Mark

    Got a vape a few days ago, and boy are you right about the damn throat hit. I find myself taking deeper more prolonged inhales off of the vape to get some heat into the vapor so I get that bit of burn/heavily saturated vapor. Helps a lot, but makes me burn through juice quicker. Definitely feel like its something I can switch to though.

  • Jodi Eddinger

    I appreciate your blog! And your down to earth way of delivering it. Just picked up a vape and used it today. Only really wanted to smoke an analog 3 times all day where normally I’d smoke a pack. I’ll be using your info on ejuice for sure didn’t realize the color had anything to do with anything other than flavor. Thanks again for an easy read!

  • Mary Klischies

    Thank you for the article. Very helpful. I agree with you about all the BS building your own coils etc…. I just want low maintenance. I got a kanger tech subox nano mod. I love it. The mechanical mods just weren’t strong enough. Yes you’re right, if the TH sucks, you’ll go back to analog cigarettes.

  • Fiona Vos

    Hi snipe. Love your article. I’m living in Hong Kong right noa and they are near illegal here so hard to find. I’m gonna risk buying online but wanted to know if u still stick by the kanger pro one u mentioned. I see some other one rated no 1 for 2015 vaporfi. But it just looks fancy and confusing lol. At this stage would u recommend same one? I have had the gas station e cigs and then bought a starter kit off and hatehated the throat hit so hoping I’m third time lucky with my next choice and need your help! ? xx fiona

    • I actually use the Aspire Nautilus clearomizer with an Eleaf iStick battery, but the Kangers are still solid, and cheaper for a starter set.

    • efisio lampis

      Hi there. Im from Australia. Vaping for 5 months now. I bought from vaporfi wen I was new to vaping and confused. They are extremely over priced theyve paid advertising to say they are voted no 1. Its absolute non sense! ! Any real poll wouldshow kangertech or joyetech or one of the other TRULY ppopular brands. Which vaporfi model were u looking at? Im now knowledgeable enough to identify which original they have copied from kangertech or joyetech *and sell for 3- times more in price. Avoid vaporfi! Buy from kangertech or joyetech, they are reputable. Wish someone had told me this wen I was starting out. I wasted soooo much money, (vaporfi e liquids are also TERRIBLE). FASTECH is a Chinese website that has good prices. If your looking for something affordable find a joyetech ego or evod. Always buy extra atomisers (sometimes called coils) to fit ur pv, as u need to change these regularly. As for e liquid, there are so many options. I find halo has great e liquid but overpriced. I currently buy from vapoureyes in australia, quality e juice, much cheaper (I buy zero nic and add nic from the nic bottle I bought on line from my freedom smokes). Indigo vapours in the usa has the best reputation for tobacco flavoured e liquid. They are also expensive, but not as much as halo. Hope this helps

  • I smoked for 30 + years and have been a non smoker now for 3 months. I quit cold turkey and chewed some nicorettes and purchased disposable vapes. It was not easy and it took over a month for the craving to smoke dissipated for me. Occasionally I still get a craving after eating and when I drink alcohol. I purchased an eleaf ijust2 vap and I like it alot. I feel way better than before! I used to wake up and my lungs hurt and I didn’t think I could do it. I know it’s hard at first, but if you can make it through the cravings 1 moment at a time, eventually it gets easier, I promise!!!

  • Shawn M

    I tried every possible method to quit that the medical establishment threw at me. None of it worked and none or it was remotely pleasurable to use. I didn’t even quit for good the first time I quit with e-cigs but I did enjoy it and it made me want to keep trying because I knew it would work for me. It’s been over 5 years now and almost a year without nicotine although I still carry a full vape with me which helps in social smoking situations. I have never enjoyed quitting smoking more than I have with vaping. I love it so much I even started a blog about it! (It’s called vaporferver, pretty easy to find…) It’s so sad how they are trying to demonize it, it’s even sadder to me that many smoker continue to smoke due to the negative propaganda. Vaping saved my life…

  • taylor zeitner

    Thank you for this! Your sense of humor has made it so much easier and enjoyable to Actually quit. I can totally relate with using a store bought disposable vape and not having the throat hit that I am looking for. It has always been to expensive upfront to get started but I am only fooling myself if I use that excuse because it is costing me 4X MORE a month for cigarettes… so I will be buying these recommendations RIGHT NOW while I have the money and I am going to do it.

    my mother is apart of the many few who actually quit using the disposables
    She smoked a pack a day for almost 30 years and turned to the VUSE about 3 years ago… I don’t know how she does it, they are disgusting and half the time don’t taste well. Whatever floats her boat though, happy she quit!

  • Saabir Mohamed

    thanks for this post
    I don’t know why most news sites say there is no proof that e-cigs help you quite etc…Just look at ALL the successes below including me started smoking at 16 I’m now 40 tried EVERYTHING PATCHES , TABLETS , COLD TURKEY, GUM…NOTHING WORKED. The moment I picked up a Vape that was it …I even kept a couple packs laying around the house just in case I couldn’t handle it…I didn’t have to touch those packs.
    I agree that the throat hit helps from the vape you choose.
    I tell people if you wanna quit but don’t wont to suffer while doing it start vaping, with nicotine and then without…that’s where the throat hit comes in.

  • Leanne Harrison

    Just started Vaping so thought I would (after the fact) check out the scoop online, as is my personality .. do.. then research, cart before the horse etc! I have found a Vape place called Cold Turkey, the people there were great. Had me all set up in no time and at a very inexpensive cost! I used to smoke a pack a day of tailor made cigs but my wife whom is from the UK got me smoking rolling Tobacco (which is huge over there) I smoked less then a pack a day once I started on the rolling tobacco. After having that I can no longer smoke tailored made cigs, so the hope is with no UK tobacco left (ran out and seeing as we are in Canada) and the only choice is tailor made, crossing fingers that this will be the end of my smoking days! I do enjoy using a vape, I enjoy not going outside for a smoke in the cold and then coming back in smelling like I have rolled in a ashtray. I find having no flavour in my vape is easier for me, I cant have the same taste all day but I think I am just weird like that. I also am only on 3mg and normally I will cut that with a Omg. I am hoping that having a Vape will help me through the tough part of quitting. thank you for such a down to earth easy to read/understand article. Cheers

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