New Dimensions for Embedded Flash in the Facebook Newsfeed

This is just a heads-up for those of you using flash media attachments in the news stream. As of November 3, there was a bug that brought the size of the embedded flash down from 460×460 to 398×398.

Facebook originally confirmed this as a bug, and said they would fix it:

—— Comment #10 From Mike Vernal 2010-11-04 15:48:19 ——-

This was an unintended change / bug. We are working on fixing it. For right
now, please operate under the assumption that this is a bug that we will be
fixing shortly. We’ll update this bug with more data as we have it.

But then a few days later, it seems they changed their mind.

——- Comment #30 From Douglas Purdy 2010-11-10 23:36:23 ——-

First, sorry for the churn.

Second, moving forward the size will be 398×398, but that size is subject to
change (and your content will be scaled accordingly).

I am going to update the docs to reflect this.

Again, sorry for the impact to you and your customers.

We are working hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Additionally, the bug status has been updated to WONTFIX.

So, looks like they’ve gone and changed the dimension of feed flash with absolutely no notice to anyone.

This appears to affect every type of flash attachment in the stream. Definitely screws up some things for some of our clients.

Hat tip to @wcgallego for first alerting us about the issue.

Tip: To learn more about embedding flash in share functionality so that when the user clicks “share”, a flash file is embedded instead of just the thumbnail image, visit the extended share docs. You’ll need to apply to have the domain hosting the flash whitelisted with Facebook before flash will be embedded properly. (The whitelist approval process usually takes a day or two.)

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry if this is a repost, I think my comment yesterday got lost from disqus.

    I was hoping someone could confirm for me if it’s possible for a flash movie embedded into a news feed to interact with the facebook api (to open a feed dialog, for instance, or find out the facebook user’s id or first name). Is this possible, or is the api for the exclusive use of facebook applications which live on page tabs?

    • Not entirely sure that this is possible. We usually use the Javascript API for Flash stuff, so you might try looking there.

  • Embedding flash in the newsfeed is documented in the share docs: