Bypassing Default Share Format in Facebook Fan Page Tabs

If you’ve ever tried to use the native Facebook share functionality to share a specific tab on a Facebook fan page, you’ve realized that Facebook handles page tabs differently than external content, overriding the IFRAME tab’s Open Graph meta data with content from the fan page itself.

AppBistro: Third-Party Marketplace for Facebook Applications

I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel, especially when it comes to writing apps. But searching the Facebook Application Directory is akin to panning for gold in a diarrhea river. So many of the available apps are complete garbage, and you never really know until you waste time trying them out. Enter AppBistro.

FBJS Image Carousel for FBML Apps & Fan Page Tabs

This code snippet shows you how to make a sexy image carousel, including left/right arrow opacity fade and mouseover highlights, using FBJS. This code will work for Static FBML page tabs, FBML application tabs and FBML Facebook applications.

Using SSL in a Facebook Application Tab

In short – you can’t. Or at least not if you want to be PCI compliant. In order to pass a user’s personal information through a secure encrypted channel, you will need to collect that data on an IFRAME application page. No two ways about it. Here’s why: