Share Your NES Haiku, Enter to Win an NES Controller iPhone 3G/3GS Skin


Sad you don’t have an iPhone4 yet? Don’t feel bad – write an NES-themed haiku, and you might win a super-cool NES iPhone 3G/3GS skin.

[box type=”info”]Congratulations to our winner, Kyle Mitchell, for his haiku:
Callouses on thumbs
triangles pressed into palms
8 bits of heaven

I’m a big fan of Infectious, a company that produces custom and artist-contributed skins for all manner of devices such as the iPad, iPhone, laptops, iPods, car decals and more. A little while ago, I stumbeld across two iPhone designs that were too cool to pass up.

The skins I picked were the NES controller and the Supertape old-school mixed tape.

These skins are even cooler in person than they appear in the pictures. While out at Nerdapalooza last weekend, I had the mixed tape skin on my iPhone, and got plenty of comments about it. These are real conversation-starters, especially for geeks.

So here’s the deal. I ordered these skins prior to U-boating my iPhone 3G (dropped in the toilet – don’t ask). The phone that died was buried in the mixtape skin, but after the U-Boating event, I was left with an unopened NES skin that I couldn’t use, since I upgraded to the iPhone 4 and the skin wouldn’t fit.

Rather than just holding a raffle-style contest on Twitter (which would be fun but really hard to keep track of entries with and not as much fun as haikus), I decided to post it here. I’m not in cahoots with Infectious in any way on this – I just love their stuff, and wanted to have some fun getting rid of a great skin I can’t use.

How to Enter

Just reply in the comments withyour NES-themed haiku and your email address, so I can get in touch with you if you win. (Of course, you’re welcome to share your comments and not enter, but any comments in 5-7-5 format will be considered an entry, unless you tell me otherwise.) You’re welcome to obfuscate your email address (as in “snipe [at] snipe [dot] net”) to avoid it being crawled by spambots.

Please have your submissions in before Tuesday, July 27 at midnight. I leave for Defcon this week, so I’d like to get the winner’s skin mailed out before I go. I will announce the winner in the comments by midnight Wednesday, July 28 in the comments.

The winner will receive one unopened, brand new NES skin, compatible with the iPhone 3G/3Gs. This skin is NOT compatible with the iPhone 4. If it was, I wouldn’t be giving it away, I’d have used it, instead of buying the iPhone 4 version.

Once a winner has been decided, I will contact them by email to get the mailing address and details.

You may enter as many times as you want, but remember that quality beats quantity any day.

Entries I deem worthy may be posted on GeekHaiku.Com and/or posted to Twitter, with attribuition but no compensation. Deal, or don’t enter. There is no cash equivalent for winning. It’s a fucking $15 iPhone skin. Don’t bust bust my balls over legal bullshit when I’m trying to do something nice.)

Comments on this blog are held for moderation to prevent spamming my legitimate users, but don’t worry – all entries will nget reviewed and approved.

I won’t do anything nefarious with your email. You won’t be added to any lists or other nonsense. I’m not a dick. I just want to find this skin a new home with someone I know will really appreciate it. Now show me that person is you. 🙂

If you don’t have a 3G /3GS, stop by Infectious and check out some of their cool skins for other gadgets. The skins look fantastic on the iPhone 4 with a bumper 😉

  • ryanawesome

    i dont have an iphone, but i have a haiku to share.

    new NES game?
    its Destination Earthstar
    headdesk headdesk fuck

  • Michael Weisel

    I'm not very good at haiku's but I think this works…

    Playing SMB
    Still can get one hundred lives
    On world 3 point 2

    michaelweisel at me dot com

  • Perfect gift for the
    Snipeyhead twitter fan whose
    birthday is next week!

  • OK – another non-NES, but iphone skin related one (until I can think of something NES-sy):

    Prove Twitter's value,
    He dares. I gloat and show off
    my new iPhone skin.

    (btw – best contact for me is @faryl on twitter – thanks!!)

  • OK – here's my (maybe) final effort – this time attempting to stick with the requested theme:

    Gamer is not a
    word that describes me. I just
    dig that retro skin.

  • Callouses on thumbs
    triangles pressed into palms
    8 bits of heaven

    quieteidolon [at] gmail

  • Haiku is a form of nature poetry. There is no getting around that. As such it is impossible to write a “NES haiku”. Why do you and other people have to bastardize the most beautiful form of poetry?


  • It's technically a senryu – but most people don't know that word.

    A la wikipedia: “While traditional Japanese haiku has focused on nature and the place of humans in it, some modern haiku poets, both in Japan and the West, consider a broader range of subject matter suitable, including urban contexts. While pre-modern haiku avoided certain topics such as sex and overt violence, contemporary haiku sometimes deal with such themes.

    The loosening of traditional standards has resulted in the term “haiku” being applied to brief English-language poems such as “mathemaku” and other kinds of pseudohaiku. Some sources claim that this is justified by the blurring of definitional boundaries in Japan[32].”

    Also, the technical details in GeekHaiku.Com:

    How about you loosen the hell up and embrace the fact that there is a difference bertween traditional haiku and modern haiku, and be excited that poetry of any kind is enjoying popularity in the mainstream.

  • So, fail back atcha, hater.

  • Could you tell that to my 74-year-old great aunt from Okinawa? She writes haikus that have nothing to do with nature all the time. Bit of a hobby for her in her old age. The news of her error would come much better from an expert on the subject, as I honestly am not one.

  • The Blue Marlin leaps
    Over Horizon. Solstice.
    To the Earth, Silkworm.

  • Jon

    99 lives plus
    endless ammo. Game Genie
    got blown more than me.

    livingwishguild [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Oh yes my DS.
    In emulator archives,
    play Kid Icarus.

  • Blowing in the slot/
    Will Battletoads start this time?/
    Gamer kiss of life

  • pixelnated

    Dusty old cartridge
    blow before console embrace
    princess needs saving


    Left Right A B Start
    New Life Level Shown In Hearts
    Cheat Code Now Engaged

    Cool idea 🙂
    Hell I would like both of those covers for my 3g. Thanks for letting me know that place exists!

  • Billy Cryer

    Worlds of rapt wonder
    that pulse with myriad sounds
    rounded by a slip

    billy dot cryer at gmail dot com

  • i clobber turtles
    too bad our princess is in
    another castle

  • pixelnated

    Congrats Kyle!

  • I'd like to thank the Academy, and all the people who helped me along the way – Mario, Link, Koji Kondo, Q*bert, Bill Rizer, Gunpei Yokoi. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. You know who you are.

  • I'd like to thank the Academy, and all the people who helped me along the way – Mario, Link, Koji Kondo, Q*bert, Bill Rizer, Gunpei Yokoi. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. You know who you are.

  • Edward Rendini

    Wasn’t aware of Infectious. Oddly awesome. You made my day Snipe (shows you just how painfully uninteresting my day has been).