Unclutter Your Facebook Feed: Set FB Lite As Your Default


Whether you’re on Facebook for fun or for work, chances are your newsfeed is crammed full of inane application notifications that make it hard to actually find the real content you actually want to see from your friends.

UPDATE: Sadly, in April 2010, Facebook shut down FB Lite so this article is now moot. It was a good run while it lasted. 🙁

Your Facebook friends are total tools with entirely too much free time on their hands. So are mine. If you want to continue to use Facebook but bypass all of the crap that fills your Facebook homepage newsfeed, you’re in luck.

Facebook Lite?

A few months ago, Facebook introduced Facebook Lite – a pared down version of Facebook for people who were frustrated with the ever-sluggish load time of the normal Facebook homepage. This lite version loads fewer javascript libraries and is blazing fast compared to to dismal experience that regular Facebook.

The speed increase is great – but there is an awesome added bonus that isn’t widely publicized:

Using Facebook Lite, you will never see another application notification again.

That’s right. Facebook Lite does not display application notifications. At all. Which is awesome-covered awesome with awesome filling.

To see it in action, just point your browser to http://lite.facebook.com.

But wait – there’s more.

Kiss Those Application Notifications Goodbye For Good

Even more awesome, there is a way to set Facebook Lite as your default view, so that every time you go to your Facebook homepage newsfeed, it loads the Lite version instead of the Clusterfuck version. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to http://lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/.
  2. Select Facebook Lite from the radio boxes.
  3. Click “Save”.
  4. Rejoice.

Set Facebook Lite as your default in your settings

That’s all there is to it. Honest. You’re free. You’re welcome.

Granted, this trick won’t stop your friends from posting a thousand pictures of their cat (yeah, guilty) or drunkenly updating their status in horrifyingly graphic detail that makes you want to claw your eyes out – but I don’t think there’s an app for that yet.

  • paultx

    How I do I get to the Lite settings page from the regular Facebook page?

  • I'm not sure where it's linked, but you can just go to http://lite.facebook.com

  • This is awesome! Blisteringly fast (like, INSTANT) and no more f*cking Farmville! #WIN!

  • One other nice thing I have noticed using facebook lite is there are less adverts.

    So less adverts and more about how my friends are eating mouldy toast… WIN?

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  • halfbrown

    This is great! I get so tired of blocking app after app after app. I love how it lets me get in and see exactly what I want to see: posts from my friends & family. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • Thank you! Now if I just had a setting that would connect my HootSuite account with Facebook Lite!

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  • This has become a lifesaver! I've spent more time deleting fake friends than I do actually connecting and engaging people on Facebook. I was literally 4.2 minutes from deleting my Facebook account AGAIN when I saw this link from UnMarketing

  • Awwww but it strips out all the profile images of commentators. Oh well.

  • I loved Facebook Lite for the first week, but now I cannot get on to the site and it's frustrating! I'm thinking of going back to Facebook Heavy. Any comments or suggestions?

  • How long have you been having trouble? Facebook is reporting some platform problems right now (to the magnitude that all of the fan page tabs we created for vitaminwater have completely disappeared!), so whatever it is, it seems serious. Maybe check back in a bit?

  • delite

    I'm finding it to be a little glitchy when clicking on links from my email it doesn't open…any suggestions on a fix. Firefox is my browser.

  • Nice trick! Happen to know how to change the default Wall page to Info page? Thanks.