Hypnotoad Screensaver

Are you a big fat nerd like me? Specifically a big, fat nerd that loves Futurama? Of course you are. And I bet you’ve always wanted a screensaver featuring the hypnotoad, to delight and annoy cow-orkers. Look no further.

Mac OSX and PC versions are coming – right now, I have only had a chance to create the Mac version, but I promise the Windows version will be ready and available for download for all the Microsofties out there. (And if Sunday rolls around and it’s not posted yet, annoy me on Twitter until I do it.)

Download the Mac Screensaver – with audio
Download the Mac Screensaver – without audio

Some Notes

This is free software, and you get what you pay for. Seriously. I want it to work for everyone, and I’m very interested in hearing if you run into any problems, but please understand that this is not what I do for a living, so be patient with me. I’ll do what I can in the time I have.

Once the Windows version is up, please take a moment to leave a comment, confirming your OS if it does (or doesn’t) work for you. I’m not aware of any issues, but I’d like to be able to note them.

Please do not link directly to these files, or upload the files to your own server for download. Link to this page, that way your friends and users will always be sure to be downloading the most up to date version available. (I mean it about linking directly to the files. Google “hot curry jpg” if you want to know what I did to the last file leech.)

This is VERY basic. Just the toad, doing his hypno-thing on a blue background. I may get more complicated with them in future releases, but for now, it’s just him. My first priority for improvements will be to set the audio on/off in the settings menu or hotkey, rather than forcing you to download two separate screensavers. Please stay tuned.

Also, and perhaps most-importantly, the ASCII Hypnotoad art in the installation readme looks way better in fixed-width text. He’s got sort of a head-melty thing going on right now in the variable width text, but here he is in pre-formatted glory:

               ,'``.._   ,'``.
              :,--._:)\,:,._,.:       ALL GLORY TO
              :`--,''   :`...';\      THE HYPNOTOAD!
               `,'       `---'  `.
               /                 :
              /                   \
            ,'                     :\.___,-.
           `...,---'``````-..._    |:       \
             (                 )   ;:    )   \  _,-.
              `.              (   //          `'    \
               :               `.//  )      )     , ;
             ,-|`.            _,'/       )    ) ,' ,'
            (  :`.`-..____..=:.-':     .     _,' ,'
             `,'\ ``--....-)='    `._,  \  ,') _ '``._
          _.-/ _ `.       (_)      /     )' ; / \ \`-.'
         `--(   `-:`.     `' ___..'  _,-'   |/   `.)
             `-. `.`.``-----``--,  .'
               |/`.\`'        ,',');
                   `         (/  (/


Oh hai!

You’re actually *reading* the README that came with
software? Seriously? Well, good on ya. Only there’s not much to
say here.

I created this screensaver for free. I did not license the image or
sound of the Hypnotoad from Futurama.

In fact, I didn’t even ask
the guy at http://r33b.net if I could use his vectors, mostly
because he didn’t give anyone a way to contact him. (Him. Look
at me with the gender assumptions. See how I am? Shameful, really.)

Hopefully neither of them are going to bust my balls about licensing
issues. It’s not like I’m making any money off this, right? That said,
if they ask me to take it down or threaten to sue me for my entire
stockpile of top ramen, I will comply. So, enjoy it while it’s here.

Anyway – if you decide to link to this, or tell other people where
to download it, that’s cool – just please always direct them back
to the download link on www.snipe.net, instead of hosting the file
yourself, since the version on my server will be the most up to
date available at any given time.



Link to: http://www.snipe.net/tags/hypnotoad
Last updated: Nov 10, 2009

  • JLN

    It'd be great if the audio could be ironed out. As it stands, the interruption every time the loop restarts is too jarring.

  • Hey thanks for this. Love it! Even if the rest of the people in my office don't get it or think im weird for using this as my screensaver.

  • warnero

    I'm getting some funkiness with the audio playback. It works fine on the first loop and then the eyes don't go as fast as they should. Ruins the hypnosis.

  • I'm able to reproduce this – I'll be working on it over the weekend and hopefully get it patched up. Also hope to add the ability to turn sound off/on within the screensaver settings, so I don't need to make two versions available.

  • warnero


  • CDXX

    I refuse to use Twitter, so I will bug you here. WINDOWS HYPNOTOAD! 😉

  • Dan

    Any news on the Windows version?

  • Ahh balls. Yes, I promise to finish it before I return to work on the 6th. Scouts honor. Honest.

    • Spidex

      Well… where is it, then? 🙂

  • Ahh balls. Yes, I promise to finish it before I return to work on the 6th. Scouts honor. Honest.

  • Gregory

    This sure looks great =) but what would you say if Hypnotoad would crawl into your mind even thru your phone!?
    I was trying to resist that one but nothi… ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

  • Asdf

    omg so awesome

  • Captainian

    Hey, did you ever finish the PC version of the Hypnotoad screensaver?

  • Dubslap


  • Ace

    This is absolutely hands down the greatest thing I have ever seen. Small audio problems be damned, the thing is amazing. Anyone who says otherwise can shove it! And as for you windows folks waiting. Do yourself a favor and buy a Mac… if only for hypnotoad

  • immi

    hey- i’ve used your creensaver for a while now, and it appears to have some kind of conflict with the latest flash update. when it’s installed, it crashes system preferences. just thought i’d let you know.

    • Well shit. 🙁 Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to get that patched soon.

  • James Halfhide

    Stopped working with the new OS X Mavericks!!! I just don’t know what other screensaver will possibly do?

    • Haha wow – I don’t think I realized anyone was still using this. Let me see if I can update it reasonably easily.

  • seanist

    any news on update for mac os screensaver? i need this back in my life!