McDonald's Video Game


This game is not only incredibly well done and morally chilling, its also absurdly addicting. You play the role of a McDonald’s franchise owner, where you buy rainforest land to make room for genetically modified soybeans to feed the genetically modified cows. Once you have some cow’s, you move on to the slaughterhouse, where you have to be sure not to feed the cows too much filler, ash and waste that they get sick – and if they do get sick, you have to shoot them quickly before they get put into the grinder and made into patties.

If you fail to kill the sick cows quickly enough and they make it into the food supply, you get hit with lawsuits and protests from various ecological protection groups. All along the way, you have to keep the board of directors happy by keeping profits on the rise, keep employees happy by giving them worthless awards, buy off politicians and ecologists, and raise profits by marketing to children. Check it out at