Nintendo Game Boy Transformer Made Out of Legos

This is a Nintendo Game Boy with Tetris. That transforms into a fighting robot. MADE OUT OF LEGOS. The *batteries* made out of Legos become the laser blasters on the robot. The Lego Tetris cartridge transforms too. Are you fucking kidding me?

Apparently, I missed this when it first made the rounds last year, but holy crap this is amazing.

More amazing is that Baron von Brunk, the crazy sonofabitch that came up with this, has painstakingly detailed the parts list and instructions and posted them on Instructables, so you can make this yourself.

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You can also help support this project on CUUSOO! If he gains 10,000 supporters — who support by simply joining, voting and commenting, and NOT through donations — LEGO will personally consider having this sold as a real toy!

And definitely check out more of his awesome stuff at his website. His giant functional nintendo controller is unbelievable.