04 Aug 2010

Clear Default Form Input Value on Click Using FBJS

It’s often considered good usability to include default text in a form text input field, however if you don’t go the extra step to clear the form when the user clicks into the field to begin typing, you force them to first delete your default text before entering their own

14 Jan 2009

Heatmapping and Better Conversion Rates

With all the fancy analytics packages available, most web developers have a pretty good handle on their traffic: where it comes from, how long they stay, what browser they’re using, and which page on the site was the one that failed to hold their attention to the point where they

10 Jan 2009

Web Usability Blunders That Still Piss Me Off

It’s 2009, and although website usability practices have gotten overwhelmingly better over the past decade, there are a few slip-ups that I still see far more often than I should, even on sites designed by professional agencies. I’m certainly not proclaiming to be a usability guru like Jakob Nielsen, but

03 Jul 2008

GUI Planning Made Easy with the Pencil Project

Designing a good GUI is arguably one of the most difficult – and critical – phases of application development. It’s absolutely one of the most overlooked, and part of the reason for that may be the fact that we haven’t had many tools that allow us to quickly and easily