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Heatmapping and Better Conversion Rates


With all the fancy analytics packages available, most web developers have a pretty good handle on their traffic: where it comes from, how long they stay, what browser they’re using, and which page on the site was the one that failed to hold their attention to the point where they left (exit pages.) These stats are certainly important to understanding what’s working and what...

Web Usability Blunders That Still Piss Me Off


It’s 2009, and although website usability practices have gotten overwhelmingly better over the past decade, there are a few slip-ups that I still see far more often than I should, even on sites designed by professional agencies. I’m certainly not proclaiming to be a usability guru like Jakob Nielsen, but these usability issues are easily avoided (and won’t sacrifice your design)...

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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