23 Jun 2005

More About register_globals

If you’ve been directed to this page, that means that you’re complaining about how your variables in a POST or GET aren’t being carried over to the next page. You’ve been sent here because its an *extremely* common pitfall, and yet one that is exceptionally easy to work around if

28 Jun 2004

Cropped Thumbnails using PHP and the GD Library

This code will allow you to create a thumbnail from a segment of the image. In some situations, you want to thumbnail an entire image – but other times, you may want only a piece – for example if you wish to generate square thumbnail images regardless of whether or

27 Jun 2004

Dynamic Watermarks/Text Overlay on Images in PHP

This code can be useful for a number of things, such as making dynamic banners or for adding a copyright type of watermark to photographs or artwork (as we do in snipe gallery). As usual, this will not work for gifs unless you have a version of gd that lets

27 Jun 2004

Dynamic thumbnailing with PHP and the GD library

Although there are loads of ways you can do this, for this example, we’re assuming that the fullsize image is located in a directory called “images”, and the thumbnails will have the same name as the fullsize, but will be copied into a directory called “thumbs”. <?php // find out

27 Jun 2004

Dynamic thumbnailing with PHP and Imagemagick

This code formatting is a little off, since the WYSIWG editor seems to have eaten part of it. Sorry. <?php /* ———————————————- */ /* ———— BEGIN PHP SNIPPET —————-*/ /* ———————————————- */ // specify your file details $current_file = “image.jpg”; $max_width = “150”; // get the current info on the

29 Jun 2002

Sending HTML/Plain Text Mail Simultaneously using PHP

Although I expect this article to cause a few ruffled feathers amongst the programming community (since most of them are against HTML email), there are times when the client will ask for it anyway, so you have to know how to do it. We had run into difficulty finding a