Dr. Who & Distict 9 at Weta


Doctor Who has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, thanks to the adorkable charms of David Tennant. Oh, David. How we’ll miss your crooked smile, quirky hair and mischievous eyes. Sigh.

Wait, what? I’m sorry, was I saying something? Oh, right. So if you’re a fan of the Doctor, new or old, check out the Doctor Who collection over at Weta. They’ve got some pretty cool stuff, including figurines and these incredibly awesome helmets.

Unfortunately, they’re 1/4 scale, which means you can’t actually wear them unless you have a teenie tiny head, but I’m not here to judge you. The helmets are listed at $58NZ, but you can buy all three in the picture for $237.60NZ.

Wait, what?

I don’t know what $58NZ means in real money, but I’m pretty sure $58 x 3=$174, so that doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. Oh well, I don’t care if they suck at math, they make gorgeous stuff. I really, really want an Ood helmet. In a size that is big enough to fit my big fat head. Barring that, I’ll wear them on my breasts and pretend to be Boobthulhu.

Looks like they’ve got some cool stuff planned for the upcoming District 9 collectible series, too. As I was grabbing an image of the alien from their preview page, I realized one image was actually larger than the visible area:

So, I’m not sure if I stumbled on something cool, or if they published the fully-visible image somewhere else and I’m just deluding myself into thinking I’m clever. Either way, please to enjoy.

  • $NZ – New Zealand dollar, which right now is worth about 71 US cents. Cheep!

  • Sweet! I'll take 10 then! (But their math still doesn't add up.. lol – I suspect the individual helmet's are on sale right now, which is why the math seems off.)

  • Oh and I <heart> them using the name of the endemic and somewhat-horrifying flightless giant cricket for their company.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weta