Up until today, I wouldn’t have thought Beaker from the Muppets had either a tongue or a cheek, but this video proves me wrong. Turns out, the folks over at the Muppet Studios are snarky bitches, and I love it.

The official Muppet Studio channel on YouTube is always good for a smile, but they brought the snark on this one. In this video, hippie Beaker performs “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas while dodging bitchy YouTube commenter overlays.

I won’t lie – one of my favorite parts is that at the end, it sounds like statler and waldorf are saying “dick button.” It makes me laugh every time, because I am apparently a 12 year old boy.

Be sure to check out the Muppet Habanera if you haven’t yet. It’s one of my all-time favorites.


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