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Bye-bye Birdie

Loony Tunes style dolphin waving with the words "so long, and thanks for all the fish"

Welp, Elon won. I won’t be posting on the bird site anymore. Since purchasing it, Musk has managed to make an already chaotic place much, much worse. It honestly sucks. I’ve met a ton of people there that I would never have known, and people on Twitter helped get me through some of the hardest parts of my life. A second divorce, my mother dying of cancer, etc. I met my current husband...

Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression During Covid-19


My team at Grokability has been fully distributed since I started the company five years ago. Some of us are local, some of us are halfway across the country, and some even in other countries. All of us work from home all the time. While you’d think we’d be just fine dealing with the self-isolation and social-distancing we’re all (hopefully) practicing during the COVID-19...

Interview from Hell


Authors note: this is republished from an Oct 30, 1997 post in my LiveJournal, but it’s such a weird story, I felt it was worth sharing here. Okay okay… so my updates have been getting a little erratic in terms of when I actually *write* them. I usually try to keep them on a regular schedule, but my *life* is a little erratic right now, so please just bear with me!  Now you all know by now...

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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