MTAMO – My Tweets Are My Own

This is just a quickie note to let you know about a new site I’ve published, called My Tweets Are My Own, or MTAMO.

The site addresses the growing problem of employers monitoring and sometimes even dictating what is acceptable and unacceptable for their employees to say on the employee’s personal Twitter feed.

Naturally, this is also extended to Facebook, G+, etc – but the MTAMO abbreviation seemed most important to the Twitter crowd, since the bio space there is only 160 characters. Including MTAMO in your bio is a heck of a lot shorter than “My tweets are my own”, which is sort of why this site was created.

By changing the sub-domain of the site to your twitter handle, you can personalize the site with your own Twitter follow widget, Twitter picture, and share widget – and link to your personalized version to help other people understand that it’s simply not acceptable for employers to have that level of control over their employees personal lives.

OBVIOUSLY this excludes things like discussing projects for which the employee is under NDA or legally binding agreements. It’s meant more to address employers who wish to censor personal opinions, tone, etc.

Anyway – that’s all I have time for right now. Ramping up to launch phase two of a really cool project for Intel, so things are a little hectic. That said, I’d love to hear your thoughts on MTAMO in the comments after you’ve had a chance to check it out.

  • alexgogan

    Employer/Employee relationship can be fraught at the best of times, but when the relationship is then contracted to what people can say or do outside of working hours than that smacks as fascism. I can understand (to a degree) an employer trying to limit potential damage done by an employee from negative comments in the social medium, but going this root is not the way to go… being a better employer is, and also getting ready for the occasional bitter/misguided (or insert just plain old dump…. yes there are ones like that out there) employee as well is the best.