CodeOrgan Turns Websites Into Music

The writing on your blog might be utter shit, but CodeOrgan turns it into beautful music. Seriously! Even this crappy website sounds great – have a listen.

[box type=”warning”]Sadly, CodeOrgan doesn’t seem to be around any more. We’ve left this post up for posterity, but removed the links to the now-defunct website so we’re not sending traffic to domain squatters. If anyone ends up hearing about it being resurrected, let us know![/box]

How it Works

Codeorgan first scans the text content on the page, and then removes any characters that do not appear on the musical scale (so anything other than A through G). It then determines which is the most common letter (or in this case, the most common note). If it’s an even note, the Major scale is used, if it’ an uneven number, the Minor scale is used. It then uses additional calculations to pick synth and drum loops. For a more detailed explanation, see the screenshot below:

Since the music is based on your page content, each time you update your website, the music will change. I hope they add a song download option soon, so I can fill my ipod with nothing but the auto-generated sounds of 15 years of me writing bullshit on the web.