Mindless Self-Indulgence


…also known as the best thing evar. I don’t normally post such self-indulgent fare on this site (that’s what Twitter is for!), but this was just too good, and I adore this artist enough that it gives me another excuse to pimp him out.

My friend Dale Chase, sound designer and the mastermind behind the outstandingly sexy-smooth song, Coder Girl, wrote a song about little old me. The song is called ‘Sniped’, and the chorus refers to my moniker on Twitter, @snipeyhead.

Sniped – by Dale Chase


You don’t want an exchange
kid, I’m tellin’ you her value’s way outta range
straight serving your zone

Leave’n ya’ with cracked bones and have you folded at home
You’re Frakked with a capital K

When she’s allocating time to kick your ass all day
wear down your sector

You can’t read or write
Don’t get too close because you might get sniped

Time may never undo
Methods she employs to best control u

You might be tighter than 12k
But, when she’s through
you’re more hotdog down a hallway

obliterate your bots
your net’s dot gone

designer, swordfighter, warcrafter
mess with the best
get crushed by the ban hammer



Code Monkey, yes
And one hotkey

no doubt, man
her source is tight

Don’t get too close
because you might get sniped


Without an IDE

no doubt, man
her source is tight

Don’t get too close
because you might get sniped

(verse 2)

You’re dealing with a walking force-quit
tryin’ to flip her script could get u nixed

Or better yet, drop boxed
She don’t need wi-fi to cause a hotspot

to what I’m saying you should listen intently
Quibble with the chisel get belittled like bit.ly

did I mention that she’s a coder girl
rockin’ ruby and perl, commands in c’url

a pretty package, but I’m sayin don’t try
You might as well google wave goodbye

Get your click dragged, with no lag

Bringing trouble to
Whoever disrespect

Cuz What you’re apt to get
Hit the tweetdeck

Cuz while you’re there laid out on the mat
I’m a play you off like that keyboard cat


Coder Girl

I first sought out Dale because of his Coder Girl video. I went to his website and realized he was on Twitter, so I tagged him there. We met up at Shrine in Harlem one night at a Big Ben Hillman show. He is just delightful – very clever and charming, as one would expect from someone who could create such a fabulously geeky homage to that rare breed of programmer of the female persuasion. (And I think he might be single, ladies!)

If you haven’t checked out the Coder Girl song, check it below. What nerd-girl could resist this smooth-talking geek?

If you love Coder Girl as much as I do, make sure to stop by his website or Last.Fm page and download it or get it as a ringtone, and hit him up on Twitter. He’s a great guy, and I’m sure he’d love to hear from you. Or better yet, Go buy his album, Abso-Defilutely! on Amazon MP3.

Marketing Genius

While I would never accuse Dale of being so sneaky as to have planned this deliberately, he’s come across a very clever marketing ploy here. Write songs about people with lots of Twitter followers, and they will – of course – pimp you out because they’re self-absorbed enough to want everyone to hear a song about them. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone. Well played, sir. You can write songs about me anytime, and I’ll pimp you out to everyone I know. 😀

absodefilutelyThis kid is going places, mark my words – and I’m not just saying that because he wrote a song about me – I loved him for Coder Girl before this song. If R&B isn’t your thing, don’t fret – I know from personal experience that he’s got the chops to be a badass nerdcore rockstar.

Did I mention you can buy his album, Abso-Defilutely! on Amazon MP3?? Do it. Now. You’ll thank me later. Its the best six bucks you’ll spend.

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