30 (Awesome) Years of Virginity


Ever want to walk down memory lane and think about all the tail you didn’t get because you were a video-game obsessed nerd? Now you can.

Consollection is a collection of images and data on most of the gaming consoles available over the past 30 years, and I know for a fact that I’ve spent waaay more time with that kind of joystick than I have with the real deal.

If you can remember playing any from the top row, you’re older and sadder than me. Fortunately, I am small and petty enough to feel really good about that, so carry on.

  • cyclefiend2000

    i'm not as pathetic as i thought! i come in way after the first 3 lines. somewhere around line 4.

  • Hehe – I know we had am Atari VCS 2600, and I clearly remember wasting *hours* on the Intellivision too. Astrosmash was my game, and then later on, Dig Dug. Oh, memories.