Free Online Image Editors


Even if you’ve got a good graphics package (and more specifically if you don’t), there may be times when you just need something lightweight to resize or crop images. Fortunately, there are two great options available to you that make basic image editing a breeze.


This handy little app is lightweight and fast. The available options are pretty basic – you can upload an image to the server and crop, resize, and/or rotate the image. This website is so easy, I had recommended it to one of the editors at a newspaper I was working at, and he loved me for it. One nice option is that you can preset the size of the crop box – so if you know you need an image to be 300 pixels wide for a predefined image block, Resize2Email makes that a breeze. Although I have Photoshop (and several other graphic design packages) installed on all of my machines, I still use Resize2Email quite often because its fast and easy, and I can do what I needed to do using their website before Photoshop would even be done loading. (I have a lot of fonts. No, I mean a lot. Really.) Check it out at Resize2Email.Com!

Photoshop Express:

Before you get too excited, this is a pared down version of Photoshop – considerable pared down, but really, in a web app, that’s probably not a bad thing – and it still gives you 90% of the tools that anyone would need for mid-level photo corrections and manipulation. It allows cropping, lighting corrections, hue manipulation, and a ton more. Its definitely more feature-rich than Resize2Email, but it requires a sign-up, and its a flash application, so it can be a little slow on older machines. It also offers the ability to interface with your photos on Facebook, Flickr, and severak other online photo storage communities. Check it out at Photoshop.Com/express!