My favorite blogging tools


With all the social networks out there, how do you maximize your posting while minimizing your effort? As a member of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Last.Fm, and a dozen other large social networks, it can be hard to prioritize when and where you post. LiveJournal is my personal blog platform, but reposting to LiveJournal and Twitter is just too much work. This is what works for me:

I post status updates to Twitter via TwitterFox for the quickie comments that don’t really warrant a full post. Using the Facebook Twitter application, Twitter automagically updates my FB status. Using LoudTwitter, my tweets are posted to my LJ every night. If I want to post a real post, Typepad’s Blog It Facebook application, I can post IN Facebook and it gets sent here, and a link is posted to my FB minifeed. So I basically never have to post in more than one place now