Burning in effigy… or somethin'


So…. I managed to set myself on fire this past weekend. I suppose it was bound to happen – an uncoordinated yob like me, surrounded with all kinds of hot things. But I should clarify – I didn’t burn myself – I set myself on FIRE. Actual flames. The whole nine yards.

I was using the plasma torch, and I guess some of the molten metal landed on my pant leg, because all of a sudden, my leg felt very warm. (Now, bear in mind – its Yuma, Arizona – *everything* feels pretty warm all the time.) So I looked down to find flames licking up from my ankle.

Amazingly, I didn’t panic – I just stamped the fire out with my other boot. But I think the worst part of it all is that no one even noticed I was on fire! 20 classmates, and no one saw a thing!

I told Vikki at work this particular story. She now refers to me as “Hot Pants”.