“Don’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening”. This clever twist on url-shortening services could quite possibly be my new favorite thing ever.

So simple, yet so hilariously brilliant. Enter a normal url, and this free service will spit out a new, fully-functional scary-looking url that promises to be stuffed to the brim with malware, trojans and porn.

If the new url isn’t quite shady enough for you, hit reload until you get one you like. For Snipe.Net, here are a few that were generated:


  • http://5z8.info/stalin-will-rise-again_d7r8qo_how-to-build-a-bomb
  • http://5z8.info/56-DEPLOY-TROJAN-287.mw9—-_e8o5cd_fakelogin
  • http://5z8.info/ip-stealer_d6s1pr_murdervids
  • http://5z8.info/turner-diaries.pdf_f2r7js_freeporn
  • http://5z8.info/titstitstitstits_p0h0au_stealgmailpassword–


Try it out for yourself at ShadyURL.Com, and be sure to use it to send out project urls to your clients. šŸ˜‰

And for a little extra fun…

Also catch these fun tools that translate any url into weird and wonderful things:





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