27 Feb 2009

Getting to Know Belize

I was fortunate enough to spend last week in a beautiful little country in Central America called Belize. Like many people, I didn’t know much about Belize before I went, and wasn’t sure what to expect. After spending an amazing week there, I wanted to share my experiences with you,

18 Feb 2009

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Project

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes and overlook important details sometimes – but the thing I can’t stand is making the same mistake twice. To prevent making the same mistakes twice, I have an ever-evolving list of questions that I use to create the tech brief for new

17 Feb 2009

Practical Mod_Rewrite for Web Developers

On *nix-based servers, mod_rewrite can be a powerful tool in any web monkey’s arsenal, however it still voodoo to many, while others may not even be aware that it can help them at all.

16 Feb 2009

Holyshit! It’s Nerdcore Rising!

I’m a big nerdcore hip-hop fangirl, as you’ve probably figured out by now if you’ve spent any time in the Music section of this site or following me on Twitter. On Friday night, I was fortunate enough to go to a very limited screening of the documentary Nerdcore Rising, at

16 Feb 2009

Some Notes on Moving to Mosso

It’s been over a month since I opened my account with Mosso, Rackspace’s cloud hosting division. Overall, I’ve been very happy with my decision – but there are a few things you may want to be aware of if you’re considering switching.

12 Feb 2009

Laptop Bags for 17-inch Macbook Pro

I have an addiction to laptop bags. I’m not sure why, but no matter how many I have, I’m still always looking for the perfect bag: the bag that isn’t too big, but fits all my stuff. The bag that’s nice looking and let’s me organize things in a way