Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments – Free Download

In the 1960’s, parents didn’t suck as much as they do now, so a chemistry book that could potentially blow up your house was given only to children who proved they could be responsible. Either that, or parents had better life-insurance policies on their kids than they do now, I’m not sure.

Mars Madness

The red planet never looked as good as it does in these 21 unreal photos of Mars, supposedly captured by telescopes and space probes.

Animals That Sound Like Complete Bullshit But Aren't

If we started talking about an 8 foot long scorpion, a shark with a circular saw blade built into it’s freaking head, and a horned gopher, you’d be sure we were discussing the next “instant classic” from the SyFy network. But we’re not – these bitches were real.

The 30-Second Rule

Okay, in my house it was the 5-second rule – but apparently Connecticut College seniors and cell and molecular biology majors Molly Goettsche and Nicole Moin threw some science at that bitch and determined that it should actually be the 30-Second Rule.

Cymothoa exigua awesomosa

Okay, I made that last bit up, but this bug is legit. That thing isn’t from a scene in Aliens and it’s name isn’t a spell from Harry Potter – though it totally should be. It’s ferral, and it is yet another reminder that science is freakin’ awesome.

Artists' Eyes Rove Over Images

Following up on a fascinating eye-tracking study that showed that men’s gaze fixates on any visible crotches (male, female, human or animal) in photos, another eye-tracking study explores the differences between how artists and non-artists see the world.