Facebook New Application Tool Facacta

This is just a quickie, and no code involved. A friend of mine on Twitter asked me a question tonight that I realized I should probably mention here. She was running into an error creating a new Facebook application, and couldn’t figure out how to move forward.

The Facebook application creation tool has been borked for a few months now. Almost every time I try to create a new application, I get an error when I submit the first part of the form.

Facebook IS creating the application, despite the error. Each time you hit reload or try again, you’ll be creating another application. I figured this out a few months ago only after creating about 15 of the same application, because I didn’t realize that despite the “Sorry, an error has occurred because Facebook hates you” message, each browser reload was creating a new application.

So if you’re running into an error when you’re trying to create a new application, go to your Developers dashboard at www.facebook.com/developer and see if you don’t actually have a few dozen of them already created. 🙂

You probably do, and you can just edit those duplicates as you need for new applications moving forward.

And thanks to @iva_tanackovic for asking the question!

  • Shayaan_ali71

    please teach about this method you are my last hope

  • Jangla

    Tell me about it – most of Facebook Developers is up the swanny at the moment. The docs are all over the place, the development methods are in a nasty state of flux and there are TONS of bugs.

    Sort it out FB!

  • Oh man, lol. That is so good to know. Thanks for this, I thought Facebook really did Hate me.

    • It seems like it’s been working better lately, so maybe FB does hate you 😉

  • Ariel

    This is terrific information, thank you! I just started working with FB, got my first iFrame app working (I ignored FB’s ‘hate you’ messages), and today, discovered half a dozen ‘unnamed’ apps sitting there.

    Question: can I use them? I spent some time setting one of them up, but haven’t figured out how to add it to my Apps tab.

    Thanks for any help, advice, etc.!

    P.S.: isn’t ‘Facacta’ spelled with two ‘k’s?

    • you should be able to use them, yeah. just go in and edit them as needed. to add to your page, go to the application profile page and click on the “add to my page” link in the lower left side

      • Ariel

        Thank you so much! 🙂 Works like a charm. All the best to you!