Life-Sized Alien Queen Made From Spare Parts

This true-to-size sculpture of the alien queen weighs in at over 1,200 lbs (550 kg) and costs a mere $6,165 USD – but given that it’s made entirely from 4,000 recycled spare parts, we think that’s actually a pretty good deal.

From the manufacter’s website:

This large life-size Alien Queen contains over 4,000 unique parts. The parts used for construction range from a car, a boat, a dishwasher, a motorbike, a television and other pieces of recycled steel. The individual parts have been joined by welding and have been expertly crafted into limbs and other body parts. The sculpture has been expertly polished and sharp edges have been removed. It has been coated with several layers of strong lacquer to protect it from weathering. RoboSteel are based in Ireland but can arrange delivery worldwide. Please contact us to discuss various shipping options.

So incredibly badass. Is it weird that I want one of these for my bedroom?\

  • AndrewHobs

    That's for fun. My dad has built a fridge and a microwave oven in one appliance using Frigidaire parts. It was really difficult to find working spare parts but it was worth the effort. The author should add some lights or moving parts to the alien. It will give it a little bit of life.