29 Jun 2010

The Bible According to Ceiling Cat

“At furst, no has lyte. An Ceiling Cat sez, “I can has lite?” An lite wuz.”

29 Jun 2010

At-At Day Afternoon

If you’ve never wanted a pet At-At of your very own, you damn sure will after watching this amazing stop-action animation from Patrick Boivin. This is seriously adorable, and I seriously want one. +10 to Patrick for making it crap out Jabba the Hutt.

29 Jun 2010

Backup Your Mac to AS3 with Arq

There are about 900 different options available to automatically back up your Mac, none of which I have been in love with until now.

28 Jun 2010

Review of the 17-inch BookBook

I posted about the gorgeous BookBook laptop case for the 15″ Macbook Pro back in January on TehAwesome.Net, and have been impatiently waiting for a 17″ model. They’re finally available (first come, first serve!), and I received mine today.