21 Feb 2010

Use Your Own Domain for OpenID Logins

I’m a big fan of OpenID, and the concept of a unified login system, but the implemention of OpenID on many of the websites that use it is often miserable. This article can simplify your OpenID login experience.

20 Feb 2010

CodeOrgan Turns Websites Into Music

The writing on your blog might be utter shit, but CodeOrgan turns it into beautful music. Seriously! Even this crappy website sounds great – have a listen.

20 Feb 2010

New Cthulhu Comedy?

There haven’t been that many movies made around the works of H.P. Lovecraft. A good lot of the ones that were are pretty awful, and none of them were (intentionally) funny. Until now.

16 Feb 2010

Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments – Free Download

In the 1960’s, parents didn’t suck as much as they do now, so a chemistry book that could potentially blow up your house was given only to children who proved they could be responsible. Either that, or parents had better life-insurance policies on their kids than they do now, I’m

16 Feb 2010

Life-Sized Alien Queen Made From Spare Parts

This true-to-size sculpture of the alien queen weighs in at over 1,200 lbs (550 kg) and costs a mere $6,165 USD – but given that it’s made entirely from 4,000 recycled spare parts, we think that’s actually a pretty good deal.

09 Feb 2010

Beaker Burned by YouTube ‘Tards

Up until today, I wouldn’t have thought Beaker from the Muppets had either a tongue or a cheek, but this video proves me wrong. Turns out, the folks over at the Muppet Studios are snarky bitches, and I love it.