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31 Dec 2009

Fixing Comment Count Bug in Disqus on WordPress

My final post for 2009 should probably have been more climactic. If I had planned it right, the Death in the Digital Age post should have been my last for this year. Oh well.

31 Dec 2009

Final Fail of the Year

This is just a quickie to let you know that I haven’t been receiving notifications from Disqus about new comments pending approval. This is my own fault for reasons I’ll explain, but I’m working on replying to them all now.

31 Dec 2009

Death in the Digital Age

Because it’s New Years Eve, and I’m kind of a morbid asshole, I thought I’d harsh your alcohol-induced buzz with some grim reality by asking the question: What happens to your online content when die?

22 Dec 2009

The Perfect Geek Cocktail

With the holiday season upon us, I thought it might be fun to highlight two posts that were simply made for each other that can add some spark to your geeky holiday plans.

22 Dec 2009

Twitter Retweet Contests: Viral Marketing or Social Media Spam?

Those of us who eat, sleep (and occasionally — oh nevermind) on Twitter have noticed an increase in the Twitter “RT Contests” being promoted by companies in an effort to leverage folks who want free shwag to whore out their promotion.

15 Dec 2009

Twitter Gets Down to Business

Twitter has taken the first steps of what will no doubt be a long journey towards providing more native support for businesses using their micro-blogging platform by introducing the new (beta) Contributors feature.