25 Jan 2009

Trying out Facebook Connect

After much deliberation, I have decided to give Facebook Connect a shot on Snipe.Net. Those of you who read this site regularly may remember that I had quite a lot to say about using Facebook Connect last month, so it may seem odd that I’m making this decision. I’ll explain.

23 Jan 2009

Learn New Languages Online For Free with LiveMocha

Learning a new language becomes increasingly harder, the older we get – but it’s not impossible by any means. People do it all the time for school or work, but they very often have the advantage of taking a formal class or lessons.

20 Jan 2009

Handy Mac OSX Command Line Tricks

Mac users love their Macs for lots of different reasons – the interface is pretty and (generally) stable, things just “work”, and for the command-line junkies, there’s nothing you can’t do by command line that you can do through the GUI. In fact, there’s some stuff you can’t do with

15 Jan 2009

Easier Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is one of those aspects of web development that no one really likes, but everyone has to do. It’s gotten better, don’t get me wrong. As browsers have slowly crawled (some more slowly than others *cough*IE*cough*) towards achieving standards compliance, the differences between browsers has become far less

14 Jan 2009

Heatmapping and Better Conversion Rates

With all the fancy analytics packages available, most web developers have a pretty good handle on their traffic: where it comes from, how long they stay, what browser they’re using, and which page on the site was the one that failed to hold their attention to the point where they

14 Jan 2009

Moving to Mosso

I am in the process of migrating all 200 domain names (approximately 100 websites) on my server over to Mosso – which is why you would have gotten a 404 if you happened on the site for a short time last night. (.htaccess did not transfer correctly, so mod_rewrites were