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Web 2.0 in Six Easy Steps


This post, written by web designer James Paden of Xemion.Com, takes a snarky look at Web 2.0 and the cookie-cutter websites that seem to be popping up everywhere. Make with the clicky here. Incidentally, this is a great web development blog, by the way, especially for freelance developers interested in taking a closer look at conversion rates and learning how to put together a powerful resume...

Introducing TehAwesome.Net


While Snipe.Net covers lots of tech topics and reviews, I’ve wanted to create a site specifically for *everything* I think is awesome (without the techie restrictions) for quite some time now. Well, I finally did it – and it’s called TehAwesome.Net. Its still appears to be rather design/tech related right now, but that will change. Its just that the tech links are the ones I...

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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