27 Jun 2008

Floorplans Made Easy with PlanningWiz

Whether you’re just rearranging the furniture or doing a full-blown redesign, PlanningWiz makes it easy and fun. This is a fast-loading Flash application – so there’s nothing to download – and you can save your designs by creating a free account. (Sign-up was approximately 10 seconds – couldn’t be easier.)

26 Jun 2008

Does Your GSM Phone Cause Speakers to Crackle?

This is a problem I have run into constantly – if my AT&T Palm Treo was within 5 feet of my desktop computer, the speakers would spit out a horrible buzzing, crackling sound. Lifehacker has a potential solution: Do your speakers buzz and crackle whenever a new text message or

23 Jun 2008

Hacking Firefox

Excellent (and long) article here that covers most of the frequently-asked-for tweaks and hacks to about:config in Firefox. I had originally found it while trying to remember how to tweak my Firefox so that when I type in a keyword string into the address bar, it would send me to

23 Jun 2008

Compare Website Stats Using Google Trends

Google Trends has a newly-added ability to show unique visitor statistics for multiple sites–just type in site URLs separated by commas to get rough traffic estimates based on searches and other data.

22 Jun 2008

Free Online Image Editors

Even if you’ve got a good graphics package (and more specifically if you don’t), there may be times when you just need something lightweight to resize or crop images. Fortunately, there are two great options available to you that make basic image editing a breeze. Resize2Email: This handy little app

22 Jun 2008

Lego Digital Designer Builds Your Lego Masterpiece

Freeware application Lego Digital Designer is a virtual Lego kit for your Windows or Mac desktop. Once installed, you can either use LDD to build your own masterpiece from scratch or—if you’re lacking patience—you can get a head start by using one of their starter models. With over 763 brick