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Stupid Monsters Someone Was Paid to Make


If you were ever a D&D geek (like I was), you’l totally appreciate this article from I was *pissing* myself. I can so clearly remember bringing home the monster manuals and immsersing myself as if it were a fresh bag of crack. (Imagine the movie a Christmas Story, when Ralphie was in the bathroom, entranced by the Little Orphan Annie code, decoding each letter one...

fRee eyboaRd


This was voted Best of Craig’s List. So awesome.
fRee eyboaRd
Date: 2007-11-08, 2:01PM PST
fiRst peRson gets it – a genuine MicRosoft compatible eyboaRd, ciRca 1999. It still woRs pRetty good, except the ey is missing, and foR some Reason the R is stuc on uppeRcase.
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