23 Jun 2006

Technical Emergency

So a girl I work with just came running into my office, trying desperately to be discreet but clearly panicked. She was asking where to find an image on the hard drive that hasn’t been saved specifically, but that was emailed using Outlook.

22 Jun 2006

Screwing Off at Work

Ran across this on the b3ta newsletter: When I was a travelling sales rep, I used to be sent all over the country to the most god-forsaken places on earth. To combat this, I devised a somewhat ingenious solution: I stayed at home. My boss would regularly phone me while I was

19 Jun 2006

Creating a Multi-Level Listbox in PHP/mySQL

This lets you create a nested multi-level category menu through PHP and mySQL. Using a recursive function, we can display an unlimited number of nested categories, for a drop down box that might look like this: Fruit — Apples —->Red Delicious —->Granny Smith

19 Jun 2006

Checkboxes/Multiple Select Boxes in PHP

For the PHP newbie, checkboxes and/or multiple select listboxes can be baffling in the beginning. It’s actually not very hard at all, and is often one of the PHP newbie’s first experience with arrays.