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Creating A WordPress Theme


If you’ve already got some design chops and a WordPress blog, but you find the idea of turning it into a WordPress template a bit daunting, you’re not alone. Creating your own WordPress theme is actually easier than you might imagine, and although some PHP-fu is certainly helpful, you don’t need to be a PHP rockstar to pull off an amazing template design.

Essential WordPress Plugins


Many WordPress bloggers have taken the time to share the WordPress plugins they can’t live without, and because I’ve found some of my favorites that way, I’ve decided to do the same. These plugins may not be right for everyone, but they’re the ones I use on this site. It’s easy for people to get carried away with plugins, installing everything they find, bringing...

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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I’m a tech geek/dev/infosec-nerd/scuba diver/blacksmith/sword-fighter/crime fighter/ENTP/warcrafter/activist. I run Grokability, Inc, and run several open source projects, including Snipe-IT Asset Management. Tweet at me @snipeyhead or read more...

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