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  • Great read, had me welled up at least four times and one reach for the tissues and I'm know for 'not' being a weeper..

    Keep it up, will definitely buy the book when its published. Also know a few people here in Ol'Blighty who would appreciate the read to, so make I hear about it when its out on the shelves.


  • Thanks, Derek – I definately will. I have no idea when it will be finished, or if a publisher would be interested enough to pick it up, but it's one of those things I have to finish for myself, yaknow?

  • XLNT. Poor Bert… what a horrific thing.

  • Wow. Just… wow.

    I have no words for the powerful emotions this brings up, but I want to read more of yours. Please finish this.

  • Thanks hon 🙂 I want to put it out there, not just for me, but for other people. I realize how arrogant it must sound for me to write an autobiography. In the whole scheme of things, I'm no one famous, so who would want to read about my life? But I think that's exactly WHY I need to write it. Many people think the work I've done with the oraganization is out of the ordinary, but I really want the take-away to be that I *am* just an ordinary person – and if I could do this stuff and make a difference, anyone can.

  • Please keep going with this!

    Writing an autobiography is not arrogant. It is writing about what you know best and this is a powerful start – or maybe it's in the middle, you'll know eventually.

    The mental images that result are powerful and vivid. I envy those that can write as you do.

    Please allow me to virtually introduce you to someone else that is making a difference in the same vein as your story:
    If you look at nothing else, read this:
    and this: Michael is our son.

  • If a publisher is not interested, you should self-publish. If that's not an option, then make it a website. But I do think it is good and needs to be finished.

  • Yeah, I dunno. I would self-publish, but only as a last resort. Self-published authors arent really as well respected as “real” authors, and even though I'm already a “real” author, it's in a very different field, and my preference would obviously be to get it professionally published. Self-publishing would be better than nothing, but it becomes a lot harder to get the kind of exposure that makes it worth bothering with.

  • warnero

    As I was scrolling down the page I could see that I was reaching the end, hoping for a “Next Section” link or something at the bottom.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I look forward to more updates. As hard as that first part was to read, I know it must have been 100 times harder to write it out.

  • Iva

    It took me a while to read everything you've written so far because it's really heavy on the heart (which it should be in this case) and it needs to be digested slowly, carefully, re-reading and asking rhethoritcal questions to oneself. And now I'm waiting for more, thinking that what is yet to come is probably as hard as the part with poor, helpless Bert on the table at the vet's. It takes real courage to put these things on paper. When words form, they might even appear stronger than when they just echoed in your mind.

    And I absolutely do not understand why would someone do this to a helpless cat or any other living thing. Sick and cruel.

    In addition to all I said, I think people often overlook the concept of a handsome/beautiful, yet evil person. I loved it how you pointed out that the villain was actually a good-looking guy and it makes me think of how many strange people are walking around, wearing masks of charmeurs and beauty queens.

    Hope at least some of this made sense, it's four fifteen in the morning. O_o