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App tabs disappearing in HTTPS-Only mode


You may have heard the buzz a little while back about how Facebook now allows users to select “HTTPS-Only” mode which forced Facebook to run over SSL. This is good news for users, but has a pretty big impact on developers, some of which I mentioned here. We knew that users would see a warning if they try to access your non-SSL canvas app and they’re in HTTPS-Only mode, but...

QR Codes: Trendy Marketing and Pwning Tool


I’ve been out at SXSW for the past few days, and QR codes abound. Every telephone pole is papered with them, people walking on the street have QR codes on their shirts, with clever text below it prompting you to scan them. I’m a big fan of the idea of QR codes – the ability to store text and even binary data in something that is small and portable is a great concept. However...

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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