If I grew up with parents as awesome as this little girl has, I probably wouldn’t be the editor of a nerd blog and would have a fulfilling, productive life. Instead, I find myself coveting a 5 year old’s epic gear.

If they ever made this in real-people sizes, I would wear this shit to work every day. It would at least liven up my commute.

This little girl’s name is Belldandy Grimarez (aka Chii), and she is so much more awesome than you or I ever have a prayer of being. As it turns out this isn’t her first rodeo. Er, cosplay convention.

In fact, she’s been everything from Voltron to the Predator to Hit Girl, and even Drivemax Megazord and a variety of Power Rangers. You can check out tons of videos of this teeny tiny cosplay star on her parent’s YouTube channel.

Notes: Awesome, awesome title for the original posting on EpicWinFTW: “I Want To See Her Break Into The Individual Lions”. I wish I had thought of it first.



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