29 Oct 2009

Big Changes to the Facebook Platform

Last night, during a webcast, Facebook announced some upcoming significant changes to the Facebook platform. Most are good, a few may be frustrating, but here they are. These changes will start to be rolled out in November & December and will continue into the first and second quarter of 2010.

24 Oct 2009

Awesome Gift Guide for the Geeks in Your Life

If you’re a non-geek, trying to shop for the geeks in your life can be daunting, but we’re here to help! While there are different kinds of geeks, we assure you that buying any of this stuff as gifts for your favorite geek will definitely give you a charisma point

23 Oct 2009

Trying Out Disqus

I’ve decided to move the comment system on Snipe.Net over to Disqus. I like it so far, but I’ve run into a few glitches and challenges that I thought I’d share with you. (Also, it explains why things may look funny here for a few days while I work out

18 Oct 2009

Twitter launches groups in BETA for some users

In what seemed out-of-left field, when I logged onto the Twitter website early this morning, I was greeted with a notification of new list functionality being introduced in beta.

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17 Oct 2009

Extending Facebook Static FBML Tabs with Dynamic Content

This tutorial walks you through how to use DynamicFBML to do simple content replacement that will allow you to fit more content into your tabs. You can create image or video galleries, or even an entire micro-site inside your Static FBML tab without a lot of complicated scripting.

11 Oct 2009

The Geek Pumpkin Roundup

Think you’re a rock-star with mushy, vaguely head-shaped vegetables and a knife? Think again – these pumpkin carvings will blow your mind. (I was going to call this post “The Great Cutter Roundup”, but I was afraid it would draw a bunch of emo gloom-cookies.