31 Dec 2008

Making the Leap to All-CSS Website Layout

If you’ve been designing sites for a while, you probably started off designing using tables for layouts. Using tables for page layout has gone against W3C standards for several years now, but it wasn’t until the last few years that browser-support for CSS had really come far enough to give

23 Dec 2008

Airport in OSX Dropping Wifi Connection

Ever since buying a new 17″ Macbook Pro, I have been having consistent problems with keeping a wifi connection in my house. I know this is an Apple issue, not a router issue, as I can sit in the exact same spot in the house with Dell and get a

15 Dec 2008

Using IP Geolocation and Radius Searching with PHP/MySQL

Delivering content relative to the physical location of your users is an excellent (and fairly easy) way to fine-tune the content you’re delivering to be most relevent to the people visiting your site. Two simple ways of doing this are to use an IP-based geolocation lookup, or to do a

11 Dec 2008

Fixing Curly Quotes and Em Dashes in PHP

The curly quotes, or “smart quotes” generated by Microsoft Word and other applications can be a real headache to developers. If you’ve built an administration area for your content publishers, and the publishers frequently compose their posts in Word and then copy+paste into your form to publish to the web,

11 Dec 2008

Facebook Connect – a More Authentic Web, Or Loss of Privacy?

Facebook recently launched their new Facebook Connect API, which extends some impressive Facebook functionality into websites who opt to use the Facebook Connect system. Websites that implement Facebook Connect will be able to offer their users an easy way of connecting to their Facebook friends from Facebook Connected website, and

09 Dec 2008

Put a Fun, Techy Spin on the Boring Office Card

You know the drill – someone in the office is having a birthday/wedding/baby/retirement/whatever. Someone is designated to go out and buy a card, and then everyone in the office has to sneak around trying to sign it while the intended recipient has their back turned. Sometimes the option to contribute