23 Jul 2009

Writing Your First Twitter Application with OAuth

If you’re interested in writing a web-based Twitter application but aren’t sure where to start, the Twitter OAuth library from Abraham Wiliams makes authenticating with OAuth and Twitter a breeze.

15 Dec 2008

Using IP Geolocation and Radius Searching with PHP/MySQL

Delivering content relative to the physical location of your users is an excellent (and fairly easy) way to fine-tune the content you’re delivering to be most relevent to the people visiting your site. Two simple ways of doing this are to use an IP-based geolocation lookup, or to do a

11 Dec 2008

Fixing Curly Quotes and Em Dashes in PHP

The curly quotes, or “smart quotes” generated by Microsoft Word and other applications can be a real headache to developers. If you’ve built an administration area for your content publishers, and the publishers frequently compose their posts in Word and then copy+paste into your form to publish to the web,

05 Dec 2008

Planning a Facebook Application: Part Two

I know I promised you that we’d get into some code in the next part in this series, but the article is coming out much longer than I anticipated, as I expect it to be one of the most thorough articles out there regarding Facebook application design. Part two of

27 Sep 2008

Planning Your Facebook Application

This is part one of a series – the technical how-to of creating the application will be discussed in a separate article. This article is intended to help you plan out your application to best prepare for coding and best leverage the new aspects of Facebook for exposure and social

19 Jun 2006

Creating a Multi-Level Listbox in PHP/mySQL

This lets you create a nested multi-level category menu through PHP and mySQL. Using a recursive function, we can display an unlimited number of nested categories, for a drop down box that might look like this: Fruit — Apples —->Red Delicious —->Granny Smith